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HCA 13/69 Silver 6 f.4r Annotate
First transcribed 9 October 2015  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 4  +
Parent volume HCA 13/69 Silver 6  +
Side Recto  +
Status Uploaded image; partially transcribed on 09/10/2015  +
Transcription and five yeares with Mr Boschaert a merchaand five yeares with Mr Boschaert a merchant at Cadiz before his comming<br /> to dwell in Antwerp, and thereby and by his said living in Antwerp hee well<br /> knoweth that the said Pinquet hath for the said seaven yeares space bin a<br /> merchant that hath driven and still driveth a greate trade to Cadiz and<br /> Saint Lucars for plate, moneys and other goods, this deponent both at Cadiz<br /> and at Antwerp seeing and observing such his traffique and dealing, it being<br /> [?XXXX] and usuall as hee saith in those places for merchants to observe one<br /> anothers trade, and with whom and in what they cheifly deale, and while<br /> this deponent was soe at Cadiz hee observed that the said Mr Pinquet<br /> corresponded with Maximilian da [?hogha] and ffrancis de la Sierpe, merchants<br /> and factors there, but cheifly with the said Maximilian da [?hogha], and<br /> that hee used to send them goods from fflanders, and to have the retournes<br /> thereof in plate, moneys and other goods, but principally in plate and money<br /> and such correspondance and trade this deponent hath observed him to<br /> keepe with them ever since his this deponents said comming to Antwerp.<br /> And hee saith hee hath the more knowledge thereof by the greate familiaritie<br /> that there is betweene the said producent and this deponents said master<br /> Mr Boschaert who driveth the like trade, and hearing them frequently<br /> discourse thereof, and in such discourse both at the house of the said<br /> Pinquet and of Mr Boschaert in Antwerp this deponent oftentimes before<br /> the moneth of October last and in and after the said moneth heard him the said<br /> Pinquet say that hee expected a good and considerable quantitie of money<br /> and plate in the shipps the ''Sampson'', the ''Salvador'' and the ''Saint George''<br /> (speaking of the shipps arlate the ''Sampson'' whereof Otto George was and is<br /> Captaine, the ''Salvador'' Christian Cloppenbergh Captaine, and the<br /> ''Saint George'', John Martenson dorp Captaine) to come from Cales for his<br /> owne accompt, and this deponent knoweth and hath seene that the said<br /> producent within the space of a yeare before October last shipped and sent<br /> severall goods (as linnen cloth, laces, and cambrick and other goods at<br /> severall times and in severall shipps from Ostend<br /> to his said factors and correspondents at Cadiz; and this deponent verily<br /> beleeveth that the moneys and plate schedulated were laden at Cadiz<br /> aboard the said shipps for his the said producents accompt, and that the<br /> same was and is the money and plate by him soe spoken of and exported<br /> in the said shipps. And otherwise hee cannot depose, saving what followeth. [ADD DATA]depose, saving what followeth. [ADD DATA]  +
Transcription image [[File:IMG_118_07_2724.jpg|thumbnail|800px|none|link=Special:TranscriptionInterface/IMG_118_07_2724.jpg|[[:HCA 13/69 Silver 6|HCA 13/69 Silver 6]] f.4r: Right click on image for full size image in separate window  +
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