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HCA 13/69 Silver 8 f.1r Annotate
First transcribed 7 September 2015  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 1  +
Parent volume HCA 13/69 Silver 8  +
Side Recto  +
Status Uploaded image; trancribed on 07/09/2015  +
Transcription '''Silver .8.''' The sixth day of Septemb'''Silver .8.''' The sixth day of September 1653. [CENTRE HEADING] The Clayme of the Heyres of George da Etton}<br /> [?XXX] merchants of Madrid for their}<br /> moneys plate and sylver in the shipp the}<br /> ''Sampson'' whereof Otto George is Captaine}<br /> and the ''Salvador'' whereof Christian Cloppenbergh}<br /> is Captaine and the ''Saint George'' whereof John}<br /> Martins is Captaine taken by some of the}<br /> shipps of warr in the immediate service of}<br /> this Commonwealth Smith Bud} Examined upon an Allegation on the behalfe<br /> of the sayd Claymers. '''Diego Maistre''' of Sevil in Spaine<br /> merchant aged fowr and twnety yeares<br /> or thereabouts a witnes sworne and<br /> Examined deposeth and saith as followeth<br /> videlicet. To the first and second Articles of the sayd Allegation this deponent saith<br /> that he this deponent being att Cadiz in Spaine in the month of July 1652.<br /> did then and there by the order of Hjeronimo Brudgmans a merchant of Sevil<br /> being his this deponents master putt aboard the arlate shipp the ''Sampson''<br /> whereof the arlate Otto George is master eighty two barretons of fine<br /> sylver weighing eleven hundred forty five markes, and marked as<br /> in the margent, and allso eight and twenty small packetts from No 1. to<br /> 28 with five thousand five hundred sixty five old Peru Patacons of<br /> the marke aforesayd. And saith that in the monethes of August September<br /> October November and December last past 1652 the arlate Heires of<br /> George da Etton heard merchants of Madrid were and att this present are<br /> the true and lawfull Owners and Proprietors of all and singular the sayd<br /> eighty two barretons of sylver and of the sayd twenty eight packets of<br /> Potacions mentioned in the first schedule arlate, the reason of this<br /> deponents knowledge is for that in the sayd moneth of July 1652. the aforesayd<br /> Hjeronimo Brudgman of the certaine knowledge of this deponent being present att<br /> the contract did buy the sayd plate and moneys att Cadiz of certaine merchants<br /> Spaniards using the trade of the West Indies, for the Accompt of himselfe<br /> and one Nicholas Paulo a factor for the Treasury of Madrid of which<br /> Treasury the sayd Heires of George da Etton heard were and are the<br /> principall masters and mannagers, and saith that afterwards in the sayd month<br /> of July this deponents sayd master did part with and passe over all his Interest<br /> in the sayd money and plate of the knowledge of this deponent to the sayd Nicholas<br /> Paulo as factor for the sayd Treasury, which said Paulo discharged this deponents<br /> master from the sayd Spanish merchants of whom the sayd sylver was bought by<br /> and with their consent and undertooke to satisfy them for the same, and thereby<br /> came to have the wole interest in the sayd sylver in himselfe to the use of the<br /> sayd Heyres of George da Etton heard whose factor he is; And further saith<br /> that of the sight of this deponent He the sayd Nicholas Paulo drew bills of<br /> Exchange for the sayd sylver upon the Heyres of the sayd Etton heard and<br /> delivered the sayd Bills to the aforesayd merchants of whom the sylver was bought<br /> who goeing to Madrid had the sayd Bills there accepted and paid by the sayd<br /> Heires of George Etton heard arlate, as they the sayd merchants did by letters<br /> of advise certify this deponens sayd master Hieronimo Brudgmans, which<br /> letters this deponent saw and perused before his comeing away from Cadiz<br /> aforesayd; And further saith that the sayd sylver and moneys being laden as aforesayd<br /> from and after the tyme of the contract or agreement made betweene this deponents<br /> master and the sayd Nicholas Paulo was for the sole accompt of the sayd Heires<br /> of George Etton heard to be transported in the sayd shipp ''Sampson'' from Cadiz<br /> to Ostend att their hazard and there to be delivered to their use and Accompt; And saith as the<br /> sayd Nicholas Paulo told this deponent att Cadiz the sayd sylver and money<br /> [?was]e sayd sylver and money<br /> [?was]  +
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