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HCA 13/70 f.235v Annotate
First transcribed 4 January 2015  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 235  +
Parent volume HCA 13/70  +
Side Verso  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 04/01/2015  +
Transcription what monthly wages hee agreed with them fowhat monthly wages hee agreed with them for, but knoweth the rates sett<br /> downe in the sayd schedule were the usuall rates then given to persons goeing<br /> such voyages as the voyage in question in the like qualities and places as the sayd persons<br /> schedulated served in in the sayd shipp ''Thomas and Lucie'' And further saving<br /> his subsequent deposition hee cannot depose./ To the 4th 5th 6th and7th articles of the sayd libell hee saith that the sayd shipp<br /> ''Thomas and Lucie'' in her course from Newfound land towards Naples mett with<br /> a very violent storme wherein shee sponet her mizzen mast and foretopmast and<br /> her master and Company in order to the better preservation of the sayd shipp and her<br /> ladeing and their owne lives were foreced to cut downe her mayne mast by the board and<br /> throwe over board all or the greatest part of the ffish that belonged to the sayd shipps<br /> Company, and some part of the fish belonging to the Merchants, and the sayd shipp by<br /> reason of the sayd storme grew very leakie and tooke in much water, yet by the<br /> industrie of the company with much and continuall pumpeing shee was cleered<br /> thereof and preserved from sinkeing, and by their sayd paines and labour was after<br /> the sayd storme was over made reasonable tight, and soe continued, and the sayd<br /> Company after the sayd storme in stead of their mayne mast cut by the board as afore=<br /> sayd did make a Jury mast of a spare mayne top mast they had remayning aboard<br /> the sayd shipp, and a missen mast of a spare sparr remayning aboard<br /> and could have made a foretopp mast alsoe of other provisions in the sayd shipp if<br /> the sayd Maples the Master would have suffered them soe to doe And saith that<br /> the sayd storme being over and the sayd Jury mast and missen mast made and provided as<br /> aforesayd and the winde standing fayre to that purpose this deponent and the rest<br /> of the sayd shipps company did desyre and move the sayd Maples their master<br /> that they might proceede on their voyage to the Straites and soe to Naples<br /> at least make for some parts of Spaine or Portugall to sell their sayd<br /> ladeing of fish the winde blowing then fayre for any of those places, but the<br /> sayd master sayd the sayd shipp was soe much damnified by the sayd<br /> storme that her ladeing would not be sufficient to repayre her in those<br /> parts and make her fitt to sayle home to England or to the like effect, but<br /> gave expresse order and command to the company thereof to sayle her<br /> towards England, Whereas hee might as well and with as little stresse to the sayd shipp have sayled to the Straights Naples<br /> or to Spaine or Portugall as for England the weather being<br /> then fitt soe to doe and the sayd shipp as neere to the Straights, Spaine and<br /> Portugall as to England, when hee was soe desyred by his company<br /> to proceede on his voyage to Naples, which hee the sayd Maples refused<br /> to doe although he sawe other shipps which were in company of the<br /> ''Thomas and Lucie'', and had receaved as much harme by the sayd storme<br /> as shee had done did notwithstanding (the storme being over) steere<br /> their course towards the straights in prosecution of their intended voyages, and as this deponent hath heard) one<br /> of the sayd shipps soe in company of the ''Thomas and Lucie'' did arrive safely<br /> at Naples whether the''Thomas and Lucie'' was to have gone, And thereupon<br /> the Company of the sayd ''Thomas and Lucie'' perceiving that their sayd Master<br /> William Maples was resolved to goe for England did in obsedience to<br /> his Command sett sayle for England and arrived safe at Bristoll<br /> there, not being able to reach Plymouth whether hee and they endeavoured to<br /> have gone the premisses hee deposeth being one of the Company of and aboard<br /> the ''Thomas and Lucie'' and an eye and eare witnes of them when they soe happened<br /> and further saving his subsequent depositions hee cannot depose/ subsequent depositions hee cannot depose/  +
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