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HCA 13/70 f.26v Annotate
First transcribed 17 August 2014  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 26  +
Parent volume HCA 13/70  +
Side Verso  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 17/08/2014  +
Transcription To the first article hee saith and deposetTo the first article hee saith and deposeth that hee hath knowne the<br /> arlate John Scott for the space of neere theise three yeares last or thereabouts as<br /> being an apprentice unto the said Christofer Tailer in whose service and<br /> imployment in the profession aforesaid this deponent served him the said<br /> John about three yeares since in the said Christofer Tailers vessell<br /> a fishing, and this deponent knew and [?XXXX] him the said John Scott<br /> for the space of a quarter of a yeare or thereabouts in such service of the said<br /> Tailer after such the said Johns first comming to him<br /> the said mr Tailer. And otherwise hee cannot depose. To the fourth fifth and sixth articles hee saith and deposeth that the said<br /> John Scott about two yeares and a halfe since or more (as this deponent<br /> hath heard) leaving his said masters service and betaking himselfe to the<br /> service and imployment of the arlate John Chamberlaine, this deponent<br /> hath in that time diverse times seene him the said Scott in that hoy and<br /> imployment of the said<br /> Chamberlaine, and about a weeke before Whitsuntide last this deponent<br /> ariving at Lea in his fishing imployment, and going over severall vessells<br /> to get ashore, hee in one of them sawe the said John Scott [?XXX] in a hoy<br /> which this deponent understood to be the said Chamberlaines hoy, and speaking<br /> to him asked him, saying, are not you Goodman Tailers servant<br /> (speaking of and meaning the producent) to which the said John Scott<br /> answered and said, hee had bin (his the said Tailers) servant but<br /> was not soe at that time, whereupon this deponent replied and<br /> said you will finde that you are his servant at this time, to which hee<br /> the said Scott againe answered, if my master (speaking of and meaning<br /> the said Tailer) hath any thinge to doe with mee let him goe to my<br /> father; and this deponent sad that his master mr Tailer would<br /> goe neere to bringe him that [?XXXXXXXX] him into trouble for [?XXXXing]<br /> him, and seeing two men together in the hoy which hearkened to what<br /> this deponent said to the said boy, and [?XXXXX] that one of them was<br /> mr Chamberlaine that interro[?gated] him, this deponent spake to them<br /> and said that it were good that the boy were soone retourned to<br /> his master and his master agreed with about his absence, for<br /> that if the law should passe against him that [?inXXXXXX] him<br /> it would [?goe] neere to undoe him, or there passed words betweene<br /> and amongest them to the very effect aforesaid. And saith further<br /> that the said Tailer was faine to hire another youth to serve his<br /> vessell unimployed through want of his said servant to his<br /> greate losse and dammadge, insomuch that his wife and familie<br /> were put into want and suffered much losse thereby<br /> And this deponent according to the proffit and advantage that<br /> usually accrewes to a ffisherman by such a servant for soe longe time<br /> as the said Scott hath deserted his said masters service, estimateth<br /> the losse and dammadge of the said Tailer by such desertion at<br /> fourtie pounds sterling. And otherwise hee cannot depose. To the 7th hee cannot depose saving as aforesaid. Tohee cannot depose saving as aforesaid. To  +
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