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HCA 13/70 f.290r Annotate
First transcribed 15 September 2014  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 290  +
Parent volume HCA 13/70  +
Side Recto  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 15/09/2014  +
Transcription The 20th of March <u>.1654:-</u&gThe 20th of March <u>.1654:-</u> Mr. Luke Lucy for his goods in the ''Peter'' seized by}<br /> the ''Saint Ives Scout''. Suckley. Smith} Examined upon the said Allegation:-/ '''3us./''' '''Rp. et [?X]2 [?privibus]''' '''John Warner''' of Saint Olaves hartstreet in London<br /> Cloath-worker aged 45. yeares or thereabouts a<br /> Wittnesse sworne and examined saith as followeth<br /> videlicet:/ To the first and second articles of the said Allegation hee saith and deposeth, That<br /> in or about the moneths of March Aprill May and June <u>1653.</u> last past the<br /> aralate Luke Lucy the producent in this Cause was and still ought to be and remaine<br /> the true and lawfull Owner and Proprietor of three bales of perpetuanaes ell broad<br /> containing in all threescore and one peeces of perpetuanaes and of two bailes of<br /> ninetin bayes containeing foure peeces of blacke minikin bayes marked and<br /> numbred as in the margent, And for the lawfull Owner and Proprietor of the '''WS''' '''No. 20.<br /> 21.<br /> 22.<br /> 23.<br /> 24.''' said goods the said Like Lucy was and is well knowne and generally reputed and<br /> esteemed, The premisses hee well knoweth, for that hee this deponent was present,<br /> when the said Luke Lucy bought the said perpetuanas of one Mris Co[?nme] a<br /> widdow here in London at the rate of 45: ''s'' the peece first penny, they then<br /> being white, and when the said producent bought the said bayes of one William<br /> daniel a Clothier at the rate of 21: ''d'' for each flemmish ell, And for that<br /> this deponent after the said perpetuanaes and baies were coloured packed up<br /> and caused the same to be marked and numbred as aforesaid by order of the<br /> said Luke Lucy, and this deponent entred the same with the colour and length<br /> thereof into his memoriall booke for and as the goods of the said producents<br /> And this deponent further saith, That the said goods being first designed by the<br /> said producent to be transported from this port to Saint Sebastians, and the oportunity<br /> failing, the said producent, (after the Customes here payd for the goods aforesaid<br /> as this deponent hath Credibly heard and beleeveth) ordered this deponent to convey the<br /> said goods into Southwarke, and to take order for their lading and carrying for<br /> Portsmouth in ordeer to their transportation from thence for Saint Sebastians,<br /> which this deponent accordingly performed, and the same were thither accordingly<br /> sent upon the said producents accompt:- And further cannot depose:-/ To the third fourth and fifth articles of the said Allegation and schedule or bill of<br /> Lading annexed hee saith hee cannot depose:-/ To the sixth hee saith, That considering the originall valew of the said goods when<br /> they were first bought as aforesaid, and the charges of dying or colouring the<br /> same, the Customes payd and charges of packing carrying to Portsmouth and<br /> other charges incident hee verily beleeveth the same were really worth and did<br /> stand the said producent in the summe of Two hundred twenty eight pounds<br /> or thereabouts, And further cannot depose, saving hee beleeveth, That such<br /> goods at that time by reason of the hostility at sea between the English<br /> and dutch were very rare beyond Seas, and would if they had safely arrived at<br /> their intended Port have yielded a very considerable benefitt to the producent<br /> [?XXX] To the 7th hee referreth himselfe to the Acts and proceedings of this Court<br /> And further cannot depose./ To the 8th article hee saith, That hee verily beleeveth, the said producent being arily beleeveth, the said producent being a  +
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