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HCA 13/70 f.2r Annotate
First transcribed 8 August 2014  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 2  +
Parent volume HCA 13/70  +
Side Recto  +
Status Requires image; transcribed on 08/08/2014  +
Transcription '''A.1.''' The fourth of September 1654. '''A.1.''' The fourth of September 1654. [CENTRE HEADING] hearne against Waterman.}<br /> Smith. ffrancklin.} '''ffrancklyn: dt.''' '''John Jeale''' of Wapping Mariner aged 48 yeeres<br /> or thereabouts sworne before the right worshipfull william<br /> Clarke and John Godolphin doctors of Lawes, Judges<br /> of the high Court of the Admiraltie saith and<br /> deposeth. That hee well knew henry hearne late Gunner of the shipp<br /> the ''Marchant Adventurer'' of London (Edward Waterman commannder)<br /> and saith that the said shipp being at Venice in ffebruary last was a<br /> twelve moneths this deponent was there present in company of the said<br /> Captaine Waterman and the said henry hearne, and heard them reckon<br /> together for the wages of the said hearne who departed the said shipp<br /> and refused to serve any longer in her, and some time after there<br /> comming a Warrant to take up the said shipp into the service of this<br /> Commonwealth, and the said hearne having shipt himselfe aboard<br /> the ''Anne Bonadventure'' (Christopher Page master) to goe into the<br /> service of the duke of Venice, hee this deponent and William<br /> Jackson, the said Captaine Watermans mates, went aboard the ''Anne''<br /> ''Bonadventure'' and spake to the said henry hearne to retourne againe<br /> aboard the ''Marchant Adventurer'' which wanted men) and goe home<br /> in her, telling him howe shee was taken up in the [?service]<br /> of this Commonwealth, and that they should goe home safe or to<br /> that effect, and earnestly purswaded him to retourne, telling him<br /> withall that hee should have as good wages as hee would desire<br /> but the said henry hearne utterly refused to retourne aboard the<br /> ''Merchant Adventurer'', and said, and swore. By God, hee would not<br /> goe home to serve the Parliament, or to that effect, and soe the<br /> said Captaine Waterman with his shipp and such men as hee could<br /> get, was faine to come without him the said hearne, who before the<br /> finall departure thence of the ''Marchant Adventurer'', was gonne<br /> for Candia in the said shipp the ''Anne Bonadventure'' in the service<br /> of the Venetians. John Joal [SIGNATURE, RH SIDE] *************************** The 5th of September 1654. [CENTRE HEADING] Andrews and Clutterbuck against}<br /> hasilgrave.} Examined upon the foresaid libell. '''Rp. 2.''' '''John Andrewes''' servant of Thomas Andrewes one<br /> of the parties producent, aged 21 yeares or thereabouts<br /> sworne and examined. To the 6th article of the said allegation hee saith and deposeth that<br /> hee was present and sawe the weighing of the thirtie baggs of pepper<br /> arlate in the warehouse or pepper seller of the East India company [?under GUTTER]<br /> theia company [?under GUTTER]<br /> the  +
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