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HCA 13/70 f.41r Annotate
First transcribed 21 November 2014  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 41  +
Parent volume HCA 13/70  +
Side Recto  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 21/11/2014  +
Transcription with victualls and necessaries, fully intewith victualls and necessaries, fully intending (being soe supplied) to<br /> prosecute their voyage for Amsterdam there to make deliverie of the said<br /> goods, but saith that at Bristoll the said shipp and lading were arrested<br /> and stopt by one Mr Gill, but under what pretence<br /> hee knoweth npt. And saith the said shipp after her comming from Guiney<br /> as aforesaid never traded nor came at or to any of the English Ilands<br /> or plantations in the West India's or to any of the Charibbe Ilands<br /> belonging to the English, for hee saith hee sawe her first arivall from<br /> Guiney at Martinica whence after shee had bin there about five monthes<br /> and had taken in only seaventeene rolls of tobaccoe shee departed (and<br /> this deponent in her) and went to Daint Christogers and there<br /> staid only to take in water and bury the said Cornelius ffrederickson and<br /> for companie namely about three weekes space and soe came away as<br /> aforesaid for Amsterdam, and fell into Saint Georges Channell as aforesaid.<br /> And for the further information of the Judges of this Court hee leaveth to be showne<br /> unto them his passes and papers which came to his hands from the said<br /> Cornelius ffrederickson, amongest which there is an Inventary or<br /> schedule of the goods that were as hee saith brought from Martinica<br /> as aforesaid and were aboard at the time of her said staying at<br /> Bristoll. [?Claeijs Tiveni?XXes] [SIGNATURE, RH SIDE] ******************************************* The 20th of december 1654 [CENTRE HEADING] '''2''' '''Peter Reyerson''' of Monickendam in North holland Mariner<br /> aged 26 yeares or thereabout one of the company of the<br /> said shipp the ''Leopard'' sworne as aforesaid saith and<br /> deposeth as followeth. That the shipp the ''Leopard'' whereof his precontest Claus T[XXXson] was<br /> master came and arived at Saint Christofers one of the Charibbe Ilands<br /> (where this deponent then was) about a moneth since, and as her master and<br /> company told this deponent shee came from Guiney to Martinica and<br /> thence to Saint Christofers, and at Saint Christofers hee saith hee this deponent<br /> was by the said master hired to goe one of her company for Amsterdam<br /> in the service of the duke of Courland, and accordingly hee imbarqued<br /> himselfe, and saith hee knoweth and observed that from the time of her<br /> first comming to the said Iland of Saint CHristofers to the time of her<br /> departure thence, shee did not trade at all, but only tooke in water<br /> and soe departed for Amsterdam, and that in her course comming into<br /> or neere the Channell, the weather being very darke her master and<br /> company mistooke their course, and by error came into Saint Georges<br /> channell and that the Iland of Lund[?ae] was the first shore they knew<br /> after such their departure from Saint Christofers, and that their provisions<br /> being spent and their sailes all tattered and torne through stormes and<br /> tempest that they had met withall they went for Bristoll intending there<br /> to revictuall and repaire and soe to goe their voyage for Amsterdam their<br /> to dischardge their lading of elephants teeth, 15 Rolls of tobaccoe, foure<br /> chests or thereabouts of corrall, and some ginger (the rest being ballast)<br /> but at Bristoll the sad shipp and goods were staid and there they are still<br /> remayning, And otherwise hee cannot depose [MARKE] The mark of the said<br /> Oeter Reyerson [MARKE, RH SIDE]t;br /> Oeter Reyerson [MARKE, RH SIDE]  +
Transcription image [[File:IMG_4128.JPG|thumbnail|800px|none|link=Special:TranscriptionInterface/IMG_4128.JPG|[[:HCA 13/70|HCA 13/70]] f.41r: Right click on image for full size image in separate window  +
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