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HCA 13/71 f.161v Annotate
First transcribed 13 September 2012  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 161  +
Parent volume HCA 13/71  +
Side Verso  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 13/09/2012  +
Transcription deponents such arrivall, and about the foudeponents such arrivall, and about the fourth or fifth day of September <u>1655</u><br /> the sayd shipp ''Little Mary'' arrived allso there, having then two masters on<br /> board her. And being so arrived This deponent on the behalfe of the sayd<br /> fferdinando Body and by his order did assoone, as with conveniency might<br /> be, lade and puttt on board the sayd vessell two hundred forty three<br /> barrells of herrings, six thousand weight of beefe and eight thousand<br /> Irish pipe staves, and such other goods and merchandises as were there to be<br /> Laden, and putt on board her, and ordered the sayd Masters to sayle<br /> away for Teneriffe in the Canaries according to the Charterparty made<br /> for the voyage. And the sayd shipp was fully cleared and dispatched by<br /> this deponent on behalfe of the sayd Body before the end of September<br /> <u>1655</u> aforesayd: And the sayd Masters were ordered to be gone immediately, and<br /> the wind was good, and they might have departed from Wexford with in the<br /> sayd moneth of September, but by reason of the sayd Masters differences<br /> and manifold Quarrells each with other they went not nor departed upon<br /> the sayd voyage so soone as they might. which he deposeth of his knowledge<br /> being privy to the premisses as aforesayd, and well observing the quarrells<br /> and differences of the sayd two masters. And otherwise he cannot depose. To the 8th article he saith, That by reason of the foresayd differences, the sayd<br /> shipp departed not from Wexford before the second day of October <u>1655.</u><br /> and lost severall fair opportunities of departing, which the shipp of<br /> one Captaine Smith and other shipps tooke advantage of, and so<br /> might the sayd shipp ''Little Mary'' have done if her Masters had pleased.<br /> And further or otherwise he cannot depose. To the nynth article of the sayd allegation, he saith, That about the second of October<br /> and not before, the sayd shipp departed from Wexford, and her sayd Masters<br /> instead of sayling for the Canaries went to [?Youyhall] neere Kinsale,<br /> in Ireland, and there, as by Letters (which this deponent receayved from<br /> his Correspondents there), did stay and remaine with the sayd shipp the<br /> ''Little Mary'' ten weekes or thereabouts spending their tyme vaynly<br /> and quarrelling each with other as formerly they had done. And he<br /> likewise credibly heard afterwards, that they brought their sayd<br /> shipp to ffalmouth in England, both which deviations they made as this<br /> deponent doth beleive and is well assured without the order or direction<br /> of the sayd Body, or of any other for him. And otherwise hee<br /> cannot depose. To the 14th article he saith, It is very probable and he doth beleive that in case<br /> noe differences had happened betwixt the sayd Masters but that the best and<br /> soonest advantages of wynd had bene taken in the sayling of the sayd shipp<br /> from this port to Wexford, and thence directly to the Canaries, the sayd<br /> shipp might have dispatched there, and have returned safe with her<br /> homewards Lading to England, before the end of October 1656<br /> <u>1655.</u> as is arlate. And otherwise he cannot depose. To the 15th. article he saith he cánnot depose To the 18th (sic) article he saith hee cánnot depose Toic) article he saith hee cánnot depose To  +
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