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HCA 13/71 f.170r Annotate
First transcribed 30 January 2013  +
First transcriber Alex Jackson  +
Folio 170  +
Parent volume HCA 13/71  +
Side Recto  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 30/01/2013  +
Transcription To the seventh article hee saith that the To the seventh article hee saith that the losse of the sayd horses was caused by<br /> and through the weakness and insufficiency of the sayd stanctions which<br /> were, not made so strong and sufficient as they ought to have<br /> bene, as as this deponent for the reasons aforesayd knoweth they<br /> might have bene; and the oversight or care of making the<br /> sayd stanctions strong did properly belong to the sayd James Cooke as<br /> mate, and sayd Johnson as Boatswayne. And he doth verily beleive<br /> that in case the sayd stanctions had bene made so strong as they<br /> ought and might have bene the sayd horses had not perished, but had<br /> bene preserved. And otherwise hee cannot depose. To the 8th article of the sayd allegation, this deponent saith hee doth verily<br /> beleive by what he hath seene and observed being a planter in<br /> the Barbadoes as aforesayd that the sayd horses so lost in case they<br /> had come safe to the Barbadoes would have yeilded a thousand<br /> pounds Sterling. And that the sayd Batson and Company over<br /> and besides what might have bene made of the sayd horses have<br /> suffered losse, and dammage by the means aforesayd to a good value, but how much in<br /> certayne he ćannot sett forth. And otherwise hee cannot depose. To the ninth article hee saith the sayd James Cooke was and is a young<br /> man of the age of twenty yeares or thereabouts, and is by repute<br /> the sonn of the sayd Robert Cooke the master, by whom hee was<br /> imployed as mate. But this deponent doth beleive by what hee saw<br /> and observed that the sayd James was not fitt and able enough<br /> for the imployment of a mate in a shipp for such a voyage. And<br /> otherwise hee cannot depose. William [?Looe] [SIGNATURE RH SIDE] Repeated with his precontest<br /> before doctor Godolphin. **************************** The same day. Examined upon the sayd allegation [CENTRE HEADING] '''[?dt.]. Rp.''' '''3.''' '''Nicholas Hamond''' of Saint Michaels Cornhill London Barber<br /> Chirurgion of and belonging to the sayd shipp ''Tankervale''<br /> aged thirty yeares or thereabouts a witnesse sworne and<br /> examined deposeth and saith as followeth. videlicet To the first article of the sayd allogation, This deponent saith that the sayd shipp the<br /> ''Tankervale'' Robert Cooke master was imployed by the say Richard Batson<br /> and Company upon a voyage from this port to Gottenburran in Norway<br /> have to take in horses, and thence to transport them to the Barbadoes<br /> and so to returne for England, which hee knoweth for that he was shipped<br /> as Barber Chirurgion on board the sayd shipp for that voyage. And<br /> he severall tymes heard the Mariners of the sayd shipp and thee<br /> sayd James Cooke and Maynard Johnson in particular say and affirme<br /> that they were hired and had agreed to receive their wages for the<br /> sayd voyage att the Barbadoes in Muscavadas Sugars att the rate<br /> of four pence and pound, and that the sayd agreement was drawne up<br /> in writing to which most the sayd Mariners had sett their names, and<br /> hes had sett their names, and<br /> he  +
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