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HCA 13/71 f.175v Annotate
First transcribed 23 September 2012  +
First transcriber Liam Haydon  +
Folio 175  +
Parent volume HCA 13/71  +
Side Verso  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 23/09/2912  +
Transcription aboard the sayde shipp and did in this depaboard the sayde shipp and did in this deponents presence demand tenn pipes of wine which as hee sayd were<br /> sent by the Interrogant Burridge and intended to have bin laden a board his the<br /> sayd Paxtons shipp but were as hee sayd by mistake brought aboard the<br /> ''John and Mary'' whereto the sayd Webber answered that the same were [?stowed GUTTER]<br /> and could not conveniently bee delivered with which answere the sayd<br /> Paxton seemed satisfied and sayd if they could not bee come by hee must goe without them and went away without the sayd wines And<br /> further he cannot answer./ To the 6th hee saith hee very well knoweth the Interrogate Robert Br[XXX GUTTER]<br /> and saith hee was the Interrogate Travers factor at Teneriff {one} of the Canary<br /> Islands and saith he beleeveth the noate annexed to the Interrogatories<br /> to be all of the hand writing of the sayd Bevin And further to this Interrogatory hee<br /> cannot answere./ To the 7th hee cannot answere To the 8th hee saith he knoweth not positively to whome the wines Interrogated<br /> doe belong and therefore knoweth not what to beleeve in that case./ To the 9th saving his foregoing deposition hee cannot answere./ To the 10th it concerneth him not to answere thereto having not deposed to<br /> the article Interrogate./ To the 11th saving his foregoeing deposition<br /> wherein he hath declared that by Common report all English shipps which<br /> took in ladeing at Teneriff the voyage in question did pay indulto money<br /> hee cannot more fully answer but beleeveth the Interrogate Burridge<br /> as freighter of Paxtons shipp did pay indulto money for her./ Repeated in court before before doctor Godolphin<br /> and Colonel Cock./ Henrie Negus [SIGNATURE, RH SIDE] ***************************** This 30th of Aprill 1656 [CENTRE HEADING] A business of examination of witnesses for}<br /> the perpetuall remembrance of the matter about}<br /> the taking the shipp the ''Union'' of Leith of}<br /> which John Tannent was master: Suckley} Examined upon certayne Interrogatories/ '''Rp.''' '''David Benning''' of Pete[?weime] in Scotland<br /> Mariner aged fiftie one yeares or thereabouts<br /> a wittnes sworne and examined in the high court of the Admiraltie saith and deposeth<br /> as followeth videlicet./ To the first Interrogatorrie hee saith hee did well knowe the vessell<br /> called the ''Union'' of Leith of which hee saith was Commander or Master<br /> the Interrogate John Tennant And saith hee well remembereth that<br /> in the beginning of the month of March 1655 there laye in the the River<br /> of fforth neere Boriston in Scotland a shipp of Warr belonging to<br /> Rotterdam in holland (the shipps name hee remembereth not but saith the<br /> Interrogate Kercoffe was Captaine or Commander of her) and saith<br /> the sayd shipp of warr did carrie eight gunnes and had betwixt forty and<br /> fiftie men then on board her and also saith that hee this deponent<br /> being at Leith in Scotland did there see the sayd Kercoff with<br /> his owne hand deliver unto one Mr Robert Cammell a Master of a<br /> shipp named the ''Advanse'' of Leith and bound for Rotterdam in Company<br /> of the ''Union'' aforesayd a letter written as the sayd Kerkoff affirmed<br /> with his own hand, which letter this deponent sawe and reade and knoweth<br /> thatawe and reade and knoweth<br /> that  +
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