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HCA 13/71 f.187r Annotate
First transcribed 16 November 2012  +
First transcriber Alex Jackson  +
Folio 187  +
Parent volume HCA 13/71  +
Side Recto  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 16/11/2012  +
Transcription the said shipps Companie sold imbeazeled othe said shipps Companie sold imbeazeled or made away-/ To the 10th hee saith, That the interrate Mr [XXX] (according as the said<br /> Master hath declared to this deponent) did write to him to discharge the<br /> interrate Thomas Attwood and this rendent and accordingly the said<br /> Master denyed to lett them have Victualls any longer which was done<br /> to this rendent upon or about the last of March last and not before<br /> And further cannot depose:/ To the 11th negatively-/ To the 12th hee saith hee knoweth nothing thereof./ Repeated before Doctor Godolphin John vennitron (sic) [SIGNATURE ON RH SIDE] ********************************* The 2. day of May. 1656:-/ [CENTRE HEADING] Nathaniel Marriott against William Bowtill and}<br /> Thomas Jagoe. Smith} Examined upon a Libell given and admitted on the<br /> behalf of the said Marriott./ '''Rp. jus./''' '''Thomas Marriott''' of Limehouse in the parish of Stepney<br /> Mariner aged 59. yeares or thereabouts a Wittnes produced<br /> sworne and examined saith as followeth videlicet/ To the first Article or position of the said Libell hee saith, that in the moneth of<br /> May June July and August 1655. last past the arlate Nathaniel Marriott<br /> was sole Owner and Proprietor of the shipp the ''Aprill shower'' arlate and of her<br /> tackle apparrell and furniture, And for and as such the said Nathaniel Marriott<br /> was generally accompted reputed and taken, Which hee knoweth, for that hee this deponent<br /> being father to the said Nathaniel hath had and hath as hee beleeveth in his Custodie a<br /> writeing under the hand of one of the Officers of the Commissoners for Prize goods in Ireland<br /> importing the said Nathaniels payment for 1/4 part of the said shipp, by him bought of<br /> them in Ireland and for that the said Nathaniel bought the 3/4. parts more of one<br /> Samuel Barber here at London, this deponent being present at the buying thereof<br /> And further cannot depose-/ To the second Article and Charterpartie annexed and now showed to this examinate hee<br /> saith, that hee this deponent was present when the said Agreement of Charterpartie<br /> was made between the arlate Bowtill and Jago, and the producent in this Cause<br /> being the Charterpartie now showne unto this deponent and signed sealed and delivered<br /> by the said Bowtill and Jago in the pressure of his deponent and the Wittnesses<br /> whose names to the said Charterpartie were and are subscribed, And further<br /> referring to the said schedule or Charterpartie, hee saith hee cannot depose<br /> otherwise or more than that the Contents thereof were and are reall and true, and<br /> soe hath and done at therein is conteyned./ To the third hee saith that upon and according to the said Contract of Charterpartie<br /> the said Nathaniel Marriott did fitt furnish and prepare the said shipp the<br /> ''Aprill shower'' with all necessarie Tackle apparell and furniture. Virtualls and<br /> Mariners requisite for her intended voyage, and proceeded and went to Ireland from<br /> whence shee returned to dartmouth the 22th day of August <u>1655.</u> last past being<br /> then fitted and accommodated to undertake her further voiage for Alicant or Civita<br /> Vechia for the said imployers service according to Charierpartie, and immediately after such<br /> her arrivall at dartmouth this deponent on the behalf of<br /> the said Nathaniel Marriot repaired to the said Thomas Jagoe at dartmouth and<br /> acquainted him with the said shipps arrivall and readines to take in the goods<br /> of the said Jagoe and Bowtill according to the said Charterpartie. and the deponent<br /> and Roger hall master of the said shipp did in the said moneth on the behalfe<br /> aforesaid severall times presse and importune the said Jagoe to lade the goods of<br /> him and his said partner Bowtill and to dispatch away the said shipp upon her<br /> saidy the said shipp upon her<br /> said  +
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