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HCA 13/71 f.19r Annotate
First transcribed 31 October 2012  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 19  +
Parent volume HCA 13/71  +
Side Recto  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 31/10/2012  +
Transcription '''{A}A.2.''' The 15th of February 1655:/'''{A}A.2.''' The 15th of February 1655:/ Keate Jennings and others against}<br /> ffrederick Chowne and others Smith Bud} Examined upon an Allegation, given<br /> ánd administred the first of ffebruary<br /> 1655. on the behalfe of the said Keate<br /> and Jennings etcetera./:- '''''' '''George Browne''' of Limehouse in the County of<br /> Middlesex Mariner aged 60. yeares or thereabouts<br /> a Wittnes sworne and examined saith as followeth To the 4th Article of the said Allegation hee saith That hee this deponent<br /> having for many yeares been a Mariner and Master of a shipp frequen=<br /> ting and using the trade of Turkey and particularly of Ciprus arlate<br /> well knoweth, That Ciprus cotton woolls are usually and ordinarily<br /> putt in very great baggs, which cannot be stowed without very great<br /> paines and difficulty more especially when a shipp draweth nere to<br /> her full lading, having already receaved the most considerable part<br /> quantity of her cargo, And saith that upon the same grounds of<br /> experience hee well knoweth and affirmeth for a truth well knowne<br /> to Masters and Mariners using that trade, that fortie fower<br /> men aboard a shipp of two or three hundred tunns or thereabouts<br /> having already received and laden aboard her one hundred baggs of wooll<br /> and 400. baggs and upwards of gaulls cannot possiblie bring on board<br /> receive and lade and steeve above eight baggs of Cyprus woolls a day one day with<br /> another, considering all the troubles accident and incident to such lading<br /> as the fetching of the steeving geare and provisions and the woolls to<br /> be steeved, fitting and repairing the steeving geare upon all emergent<br /> occasions and carryeing the same ashoare againe; And further to this<br /> Article hee saith hee cannot depose, for that hee was not at Ciprus<br /> the voyage in Controversie, nor did in fact see or observe any thing of the<br /> steeving arlate./ To the 10th Article of the said Allegation hee saith and deposeth, That by<br /> his owne practice and experience as aforesaid, hee well knoweth, That<br /> ordinarily, shipps which have not compleated their Cargaison at Cyprus doe<br /> touch at Zant in their way for London, and there take in Currants<br /> and many times come thither expressely in expectation of Companie, for their better securitie, in which<br /> cases Zant is commonly accompted the best and nearest way for London<br /> though in deed, theise considerations excepted, it be something out of the<br /> direct Course And further hee cannot depose./ To the rest hee is not examined by direction of the producent:-/ To the Crosse Interrogatories./:. [CENTRE HEADING] To the first and 2nd Interrogatories hee saith hee was not in the voiage in question,<br /> and therefore can depose nothing as to the contents of theise Interrogatories. To the third hee answereth, That hee was not at Ciprus, when the shipp<br /> ''Thomas Bonadventure'' was there the voiage in controversie, and therefore<br /> knoweth not at what distance shee there lay from the shoare, nor how many baggs<br /> of woolls shee could receive aboard her within the spaces of time interrate To the 4th hee saith hee hath not soe deposed; / To the 5th hee saith hee hath bin two sewall voiages at Cyprus interrate<br /> and hath come from thense so many times for England To the sixth hee saith, That the direct Course to sayle from<br /> Salinas roade in Cyprus for England is to saile thence to the<br /> (straightssaile thence to the<br /> (straights  +
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