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HCA 13/71 f.206r Annotate
First transcribed 2 November 2012  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 206  +
Parent volume HCA 13/71  +
Side Recto  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 02/11/2012  +
Transcription specified if they had come to the Canariesspecified if they had come to the Canaries as was expected would<br /> have come to a good market and the quantity of such goods sayd so be laden on the sayd shipp would have produced a<br /> good quantity of wynes but how much he is not able to say.<br /> And this deponent upon his arrivall here found Canarie wynes [TEAR IN PAPER]<br /> high prized, att thirty three, thirty four, and some thirty [TEAR IN PAPER]<br /> seven pounds per pipe. And otherwise hee ćannot depose To the seventeenth articles hee saith, he heard the sayd Stephen say<br /> that hee had about fifty pipes of wines to be laden on board the<br /> sayd shipp for the sayd Body over and besides what the lading of the<br /> sayd shipp would have produced if shee had arrived there; And<br /> saith the sayd fifty pipes as hee beleiveth were not nor are sent from<br /> England and the sayd Body is thereby like to be much damnifyed<br /> but to what value knoweth not. To the eighteenth and nineteenth articles of the sayd Libell, This deponent<br /> saith that there were severall English shipps which came and<br /> arrived att the Canaries whilest this deponent was there and after<br /> the Embargo layd upon English shipps and goods, which (the sayd<br /> Embargo notwithstanding) were there laden and returned from<br /> thence for England without danger or dammage, upon three of<br /> which shipps he this deponent did lade severall quantities of<br /> goods after such embargoe; And hee knoweth that the sayd<br /> Stephens did expect the ''Little Mary'' as aforesayd , and had provided<br /> dutch dispatches and writings for her in case she had come. which<br /> this deponent saw to be in readines. And for theis reasons he<br /> saith he knoweth and is well assured that in ase the sayd shipp<br /> ''Little Mary'' had arrived there in the monethes of October, November<br /> or December <u>1655</u>. Last past she might have taken in her<br /> lading of wynes and returned for England in safety the<br /> sayd Embargo notwithstanding) as well as other English shipps<br /> did twelve whereof att the least were there laden after the sayd Embargo whilst this deponent was the{re} And otherwise hee cannot depose. To the 20th. hee saith he cannot depose. To the 21th. article he saith the sayd fferdinando Body is much<br /> damnifyed as he beleiveth for that the sayd shipp ''Little Mary''<br /> did not performe her designed voyage, but howmuch knoweth not.<br /> And otherwise cannot depose. To the 22. 23. and 24th articles he referrs himselfe to the Acts of this<br /> Court and to the law, and to his precedent depositions which hee<br /> saith are true. And otherwise he cannot depose. To the Crosse=Interrogatories. [CENTRE HEADING] To the 1. Interrogatory hee saith that he comes to be a witnes att the Request of the<br /> Plaintiff who hearing of this Rendents late comeing from the canaries<br /> had discourse with him about this matter, And this Rendent told him<br /> he could depose to the effect abovesayd. And otherwise negatively.ffect abovesayd. And otherwise negatively.  +
Transcription image [[File:P1130570.JPG|thumbnail|800px|none|link=Special:TranscriptionInterface/P1130570.JPG|[[:HCA 13/71|HCA 13/71]] f.206r: Right click on image for full size image in separate window  +
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