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HCA 13/71 f.21r Annotate
First transcribed 4 October 2012  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 21  +
Parent volume HCA 13/71  +
Side Recto  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 04/10/2012  +
Transcription To the xith article he saith that in carryTo the xith article he saith that in carrying the sayd steeving Instruments on<br /> shore, and bringing them back agayne on board to steive the sayd 37 baggs<br /> two dayes were necessarily spent. and that two dayes were likewise spent in<br /> cauking and fitting the sayd shipp for her voyage after the sayd 37.<br /> baggs were laden; And in lesse tyme the same could not have bene done<br /> as he beleiveth. And otherwise (saving his former depositions to which<br /> he referreth himselfe) hee cannot depose. To the xijth article he saith. that the moneyes which payd for the Cotton woolls<br /> which were laden in the shipp ''Thomas Bonadventure'' att Ciprus for the aććompt<br /> of the sayd ffrederick Chowne and Company, were the proceed of goods<br /> laden for the sayd Companies accompt, carryed in the sayd shipp for England<br /> to Leghorne and there sold; which sayd moneyes were by the sayd Compa=<br /> nies factor att Leghorne putt there on board the ''Thomas Bonadventure''<br /> and Consigned to William ffooke Edward ffooke and Richard Chowne<br /> to Aleppo, And Captain Hughes coming to Ciprus and finding the say Edward<br /> ffooke there and having allso a generall Commission to deliver the sayd proceed<br /> to Roger ffooke att Ciprus did accordingly there deliver the same, and the<br /> sayd Edward ffooke then and there gave a Receipt for the same which<br /> was afterwards allowed of and acknowledged by William ffooke and Richard<br /> Chowne. And the sayd Roger ffooke with the sayd moneyes bought and<br /> provided the sayd Woolls or [XXX XXXX] part thereof for the accompt allegate, And so much the sayd<br /> Roger ffooke hath in this deponents presensé sayd and affirmed; And to the<br /> carrying of the sayd goods to Leghorne and delivery of the proceed thereof<br /> in moneyes att Ciprus, and the sayd Edward ffookes. Acquittance or Receipt<br /> for the same, and the sayd William ffooke and Richard Chownes approving thereof<br /> he this deponent was in a paricular manner privy being Purser of the<br /> sayd shipp, and seeing and knoweing the premisses so had and done as aforesayd.<br /> And otherwise he cannot depose. To the 13th article hee saith he cannot depose saving that he verily beleiveth<br /> for the Reasons aforesayd in that the Proceed of the freighters goods was by their<br /> factor consigned to the sayd William and Edward ffooke and Richard Chowne<br /> that they the sayd William Edward and Richard were the Principall factors in the busines<br /> and that the sayd Roger ffooke receyved Order for what he did from them or<br /> some of them. And otherwise he ćannot depose. To the 14th article he saith he ćannot depose. To the Crosse Interrogatories [CENTRE HEADING] To the first Interrogatorie he saith he was on board the ''Thomas Bonadventure'' when the<br /> Dutch ffleet mett with her, and she and the Convoy interrate were then bound<br /> for this Port of London as this deponent beleiveth, not knowing any thing to the<br /> Contrary, and accordingly would have proceeded if they had not mett with the sayd<br /> Dutch ffleet. And further he ćannot depose. To the second Interrogatorie he saith the fight interrate was off of Monte Christ{o}; and<br /> not above 20 leagues from Porto Longone which was the next Port to the place<br /> where the sayd fight happened. And otherwise he cannot depose.<br /> To the third he saith that the ''Thomas Bonadventure'' lay about a league from the shore<br /> att the tyme interrate. And saith that it was not possible (as he conceyveth) to have<br /> brought .170. or ˹and greater number of˺ baggs of wooll to the sayd shipps side and<br /> receyved them on board in the space of 4. 5. 6. or 10 dayes in case they were<br /> not to be steeved on that or those day or dayes in which they were to be received<br /> aboard: for that he saith such a quantity of baggs unsteeved would lye so high above<br /> board that they could not be managed, but most of them be in danger of tumbling<br /> overboard; and further he cannot depose. Toerboard; and further he cannot depose. To  +
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