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HCA 13/71 f.22r Annotate
First transcribed 30 September 2012  +
First transcriber Jill Wilcox  +
Folio 22  +
Parent volume HCA 13/71  +
Side Recto  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 30/09/2012  +
Transcription To the 14th hee saith that to the best of To the 14th hee saith that to the best of his remembrance there could not above six<br /> or seven baggs be layd in one tiere in the sayd shipp. And hee saith that<br /> so many (after the instruments are placed ) may in a short tyme visit in all<br /> houres or hee be tiered by forty four men; but as for the steeving it is<br /> more difficult and requires much tyme in so much as some dayes not above<br /> three baggs were or could be steeved and some tymes but one on a day<br /> notwith standing all diligence was upon and some tymes what was done<br /> was of necessity to be unsteeved againe . howbeit he saith some dayes ten<br /> or twelve baggs were steeved, so as this deponents judgement about<br /> eight baggs a day one day with another may be tiered and steeved<br /> by the number of men interate in a shipp of the burthen aforesayd<br /> And further saving as aforesayd he cannot depose. To the 15th Interrogatories he saith that on the 23rd day of may interrate before master<br /> Rich and master Bray Chownes baggs were steeved thene was not convienient<br /> roome enough in the ''Thomas Bonadventure'' to have sayd 60. 50. or 40.<br /> sackes of Cotton woolls without steeving of them, unlesse the same were<br /> to be layd in the Craine way which is not usuall or ever knowne to be<br /> done in woolls by reason of the danger of their taking water. And<br /> he beleiveth that not above twenty baggs could then have bene safely<br /> putt on board without steeving. And otherwise he cannot depose. To the 16th Interrogatories he saith that when the ''Thomas Bonadventure'' came<br /> from Cyprus she could not have carryed thirty tonnes of Cotton woolls<br /> more than were laden in her att that tyme. howbeit hee saith that after<br /> she came to Zant there neere thirty tonnes of Currants laden on board<br /> her in butts, which he saith because [?fezible] by heaving out the ballast<br /> in the hatch way, and thereby making the sayd Currents to forme as<br /> ballast, whereas the Cotton wooll would have required more roome<br /> and would have had need of ballast to be brought safe home. And<br /> otherwise he cannot depose. Repeated in Court. WM Hughes [SIGNATURE MIDDLE] *************************** 25th February 1655. [CENTRE HEADING] '''3''' '''Isaac Taylor''' of deptford in the county of Kent mariner aged 44.<br /> yeares or thereabouts, sworne and examined upon the sayd<br /> allegation saith and deposeth as followeth. videlicet To the fourth article of the sayd allegation he saith that being by Profession a mariner<br /> and having bene master and Commander of shipps for the fifteen years<br /> and having made four severall voyages to Ciprus, he knoweth it expe=<br /> rimentally to be true, That Ciprus woolls are putt in very great<br /> baggs, much bigger than the Cotton woolls of other places, by reason whereof<br /> they are stowed with much labour and difficulty, especially after the vessell<br /> whereon they are laden hath receyved any considerable number of<br /> these baggs. And by like experience he knoweth it to be true, that<br /> forty four men in a shipp of two hundred and eighty tonnes in which<br /> 100 baggs of Cotton reeles and 400. and odde baggs of galls are<br /> allready laden will find sufficient labour to receive on board and<br /> steive eight baggs of those woolls a day one day with another, and<br /> indeed judgeth, that if they stow and steeve as they ought they can<br /> scarce possibly exceed that proportion, for he saith he hath often seene<br /> that fifty of this deponents owne men in a shipp of larger tonnage<br /> though they have plyed their worke with great industry have never<br /> benegreat industry have never<br /> bene  +
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