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HCA 13/71 f.245v Annotate
First transcribed 18 September 2012  +
First transcriber Laura Seymour  +
Folio 245  +
Parent volume HCA 13/71  +
Side Verso  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 18/09/2012  +
Transcription wheate and taken in her homeward lading ofwheate and taken in her homeward lading of pitch, prunes, vinegar<br /> strong waters and other goods for the account of the said producents,<br /> and departing from Bourdeaux therewith for Southampton, the said shipp was off<br /> [?Groy] on the coast of Bretagne met with by a Brest man of<br /> Warr on a day happening in or about the moneth of June 1655<br /> which Brest man of warr having but foure guns, came up<br /> with which set upon and shott at the said shipp the ''Prosperous'', whose<br /> master and company betook them selves to their defence, and retourned<br /> shott at the said Brest man, and soe they continewed fight about<br /> an houres space, and untill the small quantitie of shot and powder that<br /> was in the ''Prosperous'' was spent, and shee not being able to make<br /> further resistanse shee was forced to yeeld, and was taken by the<br /> said man of warr and all her said lading, and lost, wheareas had<br /> shee had sufficiencie of shot and powder shee might have evaded<br /> for hee saith the ''Constant Warwick'' (one of the shipps of warr<br /> of this Commonwealth) seeing the said fight was standing with<br /> all the speed she could make towards them, and was come within<br /> a league and halfe of them, when the ''Prosperous'' her shott and<br /> powder failed, and soe shee and her lading became a prey to the<br /> enemie, who presently carried them away into the next ffrench<br /> harbour, the ''Constant warwick'' chasing them, Soe that<br /> (through the want of sufficiencie of shott and powder) hee conceiveth<br /> the said vessell the ''Prosperous'' to be lost with her lading. all which hee<br /> knoweth, being pilot of the ''Presperous'', and present at the premisses. To the 8th hee cannot depose, To the Interrogatories. [CENTRE HEADING] To the first hee saith the said producents required him to come and<br /> speake the truth in this cause, and have promised to beare his charges<br /> and saith hee hath not discoursed with any about what hee should<br /> therein depose, and otherwise negatively saving as aforesaid To the second and third hee saith the said vessell carried noe more than two<br /> peeces of ordnance and seaven muskets, and saith there were noe<br /> more or other shott or powder there as aforesaid, which hee knoweth<br /> taking notice of and (as hee beleeveth) being all that came or was put aboard, and of all that<br /> could be found in the said fight, And saith the said man of warr<br /> had by their owne relation 36 men and boyes, all or most part<br /> whereof appeared on the decke; And saith there was a vessell of<br /> Yarmouth in the ''Prosperous'' her company when the Brest man of<br /> warr chased them, and when the said man of warr approached that<br /> said vessell (whereof one Applebie was master) fledd and bad<br /> them of the ''Prosperous'' shift for for them selves, And otherwise hee<br /> cannot answer saving as aforesaid. To the fourth negatively. To the 5th hee saith the said man of warrs company did not enter [?nor GUTTER]<br /> offered to enter the ''Prosperous'' till all her shott and powder were spent<br /> in the fight, and that her master and company yeelded and called [?for GUTTER]<br /> quarter, only hee saith there was one gun laden and undischardged<br /> when the ''Prosperous'' yeelded, it being as hee saith the manner [?of GUTTER]<br /> shipps at sea that are in yeelding condition to keepe one gun<br /> loaded, for defense during parley and calling for quarter, and otherwise<br /> hee referreth him selfe to his foregoing deposition To the last hee saith that it is true the winde was contrary to the<br /> [XXXX XXXX GUTTER]rary to the<br /> [XXXX XXXX GUTTER]  +
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