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HCA 13/71 f.256r Annotate
First transcribed 15 October 2012  +
First transcriber Jill Wilcox  +
Folio 256  +
Parent volume HCA 13/71  +
Side Recto  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 15/10/2012  +
Transcription and sufficient shipp the the tyme Interrogand sufficient shipp the the tyme Interrogate And otherwise cannot answere./ To the 3 hee saith hee beleeveth all shipps that goo to sea are subiect to Stormes and<br /> must provide against them as well as they can and saith hee hath heard and beleeveth that soe<br /> new shipps have in stormy weather somtymes foundered when older shipps<br /> have in the same storme escaped and saith there were some other shipps who came<br /> from Virginia in Company of the ''King of Poland'' and lost her company in the<br /> first storme but how they scraped therein hee knoweth not nor hath heard<br /> and further saving his foregoeing deposition hee cannot answere nor<br /> knoweth what to beleeve for that as is predeposed the sayd shipp the ''King''<br /> ''of Poland'' in this deponents Judgement was before the sayd storme a tight<br /> and sufficient shipp./ To the 4th hee saith hee hath deposed the truth and careth not what would<br /> please or displease the Owners nor will bee constrayned for any bye respect<br /> whatsoever to depose other wise then truth And further or otherwise hee<br /> cannot answere./ Josiah Elfreth [SIGNATURE, RH SIDE] *************************** The foresayd '''Thomas Vicar''' upon Interrogatories/ [CENTRE HEADING] To the first Interrogatories hee saith was a Common Mariner in the ''King''<br /> ''of Poland'' Interrogate the voyage in question and saith hee hath at severall tymes<br /> receaved nyne pounds tenn shillings in part of his wages but after [?that] entered into whole pay for the voyage in<br /> question and receaved five pounds being the last payment of the sayd ix ''li'' x ''s''<br /> upon Thursday the 12th of this instant June of the producent Master Pennyston and<br /> what is behinde hee knoweth not having not cast the same up, and knoweth<br /> not wherefore the rest is not yet paid and to the rest of the Interrogatorie<br /> hee answereth negatively. And further cannot answere/ To the 2 hee saith the shipp the ''King of Poland'' was an old shipp but was as is predeposed the tymes<br /> Interrogate a tight and sufficient shipp in this deponeth Judgement And further to<br /> this Interrogatorie hee cannot answere otherwise than negatively having never<br /> heard anything to the effect Interrogate./ To the 3 Interrogatorie hee saith all shipps are lyable to stormes and ought to provide<br /> the best they can against them, and saith other shipps came from Virginia in<br /> Company of the shipp the ''King of Poland'' and were parted from her in the storme<br /> one of which as hee hath heard receaved three foote water in hold by<br /> meanes of the sayd storme And further to this Interrogatorie hee cannot<br /> answere./ To the last hee saith hee hath deposed truth touching the cause of the damage<br /> happened to the sayd Tobaccoe and careth not whether it displease or please<br /> the Owners or any other person and will not for any bye respect sweare<br /> anything but the truth And further hee cannot answere/ The marke of the sayd<br /> Thomas '''T''' Vicar./ [MARKE, RH SIDE] *************************** The foresayd '''William Welch''' upon Interrogatories./ [CENTRE HEADING] To the first Interrogatorie hee saith hee was Carpenter of the shipp the ''King of''<br /> ''Poland'' the voyage Interrogate and saith hee receaved on Thursday last being<br /> the 12th of this instant June of the foresayd Mr Pennyston five pounds and the foresayd Mr Pennyston five pounds and  +
Transcription image [[File:P1130671.JPG|thumbnail|800px|none|link=Special:TranscriptionInterface/P1130671.JPG|[[:HCA 13/71|HCA 13/71]] f.256r: Right click on image for full size image in separate window  +
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