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HCA 13/71 f.283r Annotate
First transcribed 8 October 2012  +
First transcriber Will Kellett  +
Folio 283  +
Parent volume HCA 13/71  +
Side Recto  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 08/10/2012  +
Transcription The 13th day of 8:ber 1656/ [CENTRE HEADINThe 13th day of 8:ber 1656/ [CENTRE HEADING] Examined upon the sayd allegation./ '''Rp EA''' '''2''' '''Edward Purdy''' of Yarmouth Mariner aged fiftie three yeares<br /> or thereabouts a wittnesse sworne and examined saith and<br /> deposeth as followeth videlicet./ To the first and second articles of the sayd allegation hee saith that in the<br /> moneth of September last past 1656 the arlate William Lee with his shipp the<br /> ''Samuell'' and the arlate Otter with his shipp whereof hee was Master (called as hee<br /> hath heard and beleeveth by the name of the ''Providence'') came from Newcastle togeather<br /> and being come both to the Northwards of Scarborough Castle and the<br /> winde being then Contrary videlicet at the South upon or about the sixth day of the sayd<br /> moneth of September the sayd shipp ''Samuell'' stood off, and the sayd Otters<br /> shipp stood in, by meanes whereof they came very neere each other, whereupon<br /> the sayd Otter waved to the Company of the ''Samuell'' to heave up and the sayd<br /> Lee after the sayd Otters soe waveing to them to heave up did accordingly, give<br /> Command to his shipps Company to heave up that for the ''Samuell'' might come<br /> to Leewards of the sayd Otters shipp, and the Company of the ''Samuell'' in order to<br /> the Command of their sayd master did brace up the helme with all speede to come to the leeward, and<br /> braced their mayne sayle, and mayne top sayle in the winde, and brailed up their<br /> Mizen sayle, and used all possible diligence to get<br /> cleere of the sayd Otters shipp and to prevent doeing any dammage to the sayd Otters shipp<br /> or receaving any dammage from her, which not withstanding the sayd Otters<br /> shipp comming with full sayle ranne aboard the ''Samuell'', and brake downe<br /> the ''Samuells'' stemme and heads and brake three beames of her forecastle<br /> and carried down her upper deck and carried forth two foote of planke<br /> under her forechannel and did her much other hurt and dammage and<br /> much endangered the sinking of the sayd shipp the ''Samuell'' shee being<br /> by the meanes aforesayd made soe leakie that the sayd Lee and Company<br /> had much a doe to keepe her a floate and for her better preservation from<br /> sinking were forced to put her in to Scarborough (shee not being able<br /> to endure the sea any farther) this hee deposeth of his owne sight and<br /> knowledge being one of the Company of the shipp ''Samuell'' and helpeing to<br /> brace and brayle her sayles as aforesayd and using his utmost endeavour<br /> to keepe her cleere of the sayd Otters shipp, but as to the value of the<br /> sayd dammage done to the ''Samuell'' by the meanes aforesayd hee saith hee<br /> cannot estimate the same, And further to these articles hee cannot depose/ To the third article of the sayd allegation hee saith the sayd Otters shipp by further<br /> running against the shipp ''Samuell'' having alsoe receaved some dammage<br /> did not withstanding heave up towards Whitby arlate which is about<br /> ten fower leagues distant from Scarborough and further distant from the place the Otters shipp fell fowle of the ''Samuell'' then Scarborough is whereas hee the sayd Otter might<br /> with more ease and convenience and safety have put in to Scarborough and<br /> might have bin there at least two or three howers before the ''Samuell'' shee the ''Samuell'' being<br /> soe exceedingly dammaged as aforesayd, which if the Sayd Otter had done hee<br /> had without doubt prevented that danger which afterwards befell his sayd shipp<br /> by reason afterwards (as this deponent hath credibly heard) hee rann her on shoareath credibly heard) hee rann her on shoare  +
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