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HCA 13/71 f.291v Annotate
First transcribed 29 September 2012  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 291  +
Parent volume HCA 13/71  +
Side Verso  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 29/09/2012  +
Transcription shipp going accordingly to and ariving at shipp going accordingly to and ariving at Argastoll, the said Thomas<br /> dobson went ashore on the 30th of November 1655 (the day of the said shipps<br /> arrivall) and saith the said Captaine and Robert Thompson arlate having<br /> bin there alsoe afterwards ashore, they came aboard as alsoe did<br /> the said Thomas dobson, and being in the Captaines Cabbin this deponent<br /> heard them talke of a freight, that the said dobson was [XX] treating<br /> about with a merchant there and this deponent heard that 600 dollars per [?moneth GUTTER]<br /> was to be the freight for the said voyage to be made with the said shipp but saith that the said shipp having staid at Argastol about [?three XXX GUTTER]<br /> and the said freightment not succeeding, shee went for Ligorne, and [?there GUTTER]<br /> arived the 8th of January next following, and there the said Captaine GUTTER]<br /> Craneye and Robert Thompson applied theXXXXXXXX the arlate George Morleigth and Robert<br /> Constable, and saith hee heard the said Captaine say that such his<br /> departure from Argostoll and going to Ligorne and his applying himselfe<br /> there to the said [?Morleigth] and Constable, was by order of the said Thomas<br /> dobson, therein impowered by the said John dobson, and Richard ffarington<br /> factors of the said George ffarington, And as the said Captaine [?and Thompson alsoe GUTTER]<br /> said, the said [?Morleigth] and Constable not receiving [?consignement GUTTER]<br /> of moneys or goods from the said mr dobson and ffarington, And answered them after<br /> their application aforesaid, that they must even goe home for England<br /> with the said shipp out of hand or to that effect and soe the said shipp<br /> after sixe dayes stay there namely on the fourteenth of January<br /> last departed from Ligorne for England, and arived at<br /> Plimouth the 20th of ffebruary next following, and there staid<br /> about six or seven weekes to be repaired, (having lost her [?pulleys GUTTER]<br /> by stresse of weather) and to take in goods for London. and then set saile thence and about [?fower GUTTER]<br /> dayes after arived in this port, namely on or about the eleventh<br /> of Aprill last past, All which hee knoweth for the reasons<br /> aforesaid, going all the said voyage, and saving the premisses soe<br /> downe, and saith that hee knoweth that some of the said shipps lading<br /> that shee tooke in at Zant (being fustick as hee remembreth) was<br /> on board and undischardged out of the said shipp in the end of Aprill<br /> last of this deponents sight and knowledge. And otherwise hee cannot<br /> depose, saving that while the said shipp was at Ligorne this<br /> deponent sawe the said Captaine and Robert Tompson ashore with<br /> the said [?Monteigth] and Constable. To the tenth hee cannot depose. To the eleaventh article hee saith and deposeth that from the time<br /> of this deponents said shipping namely from the first of January<br /> 1654 hee well knoweth that the said shipp was and remained in the<br /> service and imployment of the said George ffarington till the end of<br /> Aprill 1656, during all which time the said Captaine [?Craneye]<br /> was alsoe in the said service as Commander of the said shipp, and<br /> that from the said time of this deponents said shipping until the fifth<br /> fifth of July 1655 the arlate Samuel Swann was the servant of the<br /> said Craney, and was in the said service in the said shipp, and soe<br /> was the said arlate Austin Pettye (another of the said Captaines servants<br /> from the said first of January 1654 till the said shipp had bin about<br /> a moneth at Plimouth as aforesaid, and then hee was there prest<br /> with the States service, and saith they and the said shipp had bin<br /> in the said service before this deponents said shipping, for before<br /> such his shipping shee had taken in almost all her outwards lading<br /> And lastly saith that the said Captaine [?Craney] well desired 6 ''li'' per<br /> moneth for his said service, Austin Petty 34 ''s'' per moneth and Samuel<br /> Swann 25 ''s'' per moneth. And otherwise hee cannot depose.r moneth. And otherwise hee cannot depose.  +
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