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HCA 13/71 f.294v Annotate
First transcribed 18 November 2012  +
First transcriber Karen Gunnell  +
Folio 294  +
Parent volume HCA 13/71  +
Side Verso  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 18/11/2012  +
Transcription To the second and third hee saith he was nTo the second and third hee saith he was not present at the making of the contract<br /> and Charterpartie arlate, And otherwise cannot depose. To the 4th and 5th articles hee saith that the said shipp the ''George Bonadventure''<br /> (John Crampe commander) being outward bound on the voyage in question<br /> did in the monethes of December and January 1654 receive aboard<br /> corne, herrings, lead butter and cheese and other goods in this port [?to ?be GUTTER]<br /> transported for Zant, and saith the said goods and lading were commonly<br /> said and reputed to be belonging to and be be laden for the account of<br /> the arlate George ffarrington and that after the lading of<br /> the said butter and cheese, there was part thereof taken out again<br /> and seized by the officers of the customs of this port and further hee<br /> with the rest of her butter and cheese and other lading shee went and<br /> sailed to Zant and there delivered the same to John Dobson and<br /> Richard ffarrington arlate, factors of the said George and their [XXXX GUTTER]<br /> who afterwards sent the said shipp twice to the Morea, from wh[?ence GUTTER]<br /> shee each time brought a parcell of Greeke cheese to Zant and<br /> delivered the same to the said factors which he knoweth<br /> because hee this deponent went out Cooke of the said shipp, and<br /> went from place to place and saw the premises soe donne. To the 6th he saith that after the said deliverie of the said [?last GUTTER]<br /> parcell of cheese brought from the Morea, the said factors<br /> detained and suffered the said shipp to lie five moneths ([?at ?the XXX GUTTER]<br /> at Zant without imployment, and afterwards sent her to Cephalonia<br /> to the port of Arg[?a]st[?o]ll and sent Thomas Dobson (brother of the<br /> said John) Cape merchant of her, and otherwise hee cannot<br /> depose. To the 7th 8th and 9th that the said shipp went accordingly to<br /> Argostel, and there it was said that the said Thomas dobson was<br /> in treatie about a freight and then hee and the merchant could not<br /> agree upon the rate, and then thereupon hee ordered the said Captaine<br /> to saile for Ligorno with the said shipp, there to receive further [XXX GUTTER]<br /> and saith hee the said Captaine Cramp, and company did sail [XXX GUTTER]<br /> said shipp accordingly to Ligorne, where meeting with noe<br /> imployment, shee was sent homewards, and setting sail from<br /> Ligorne shee afterwards, namely in or about April 1656 arived<br /> at Plimouth, and thense came to this port, and in or about the<br /> middle of May next following (to his best remembrance) shee<br /> delivered her last lading here being a parcell of fustick<br /> brought from Zant, All which hee knoweth being Cooke of her<br /> and going from place to place in her as aforesaid. And otherwise he<br /> cannot depose. To the tenth he cannot depose. To the 11th hee saith that the said ship the said voyage was and<br /> remained in the service and imployment of the said George farrington<br /> from about the beginning of December 1654 (at which time hee this<br /> deponent was shipped for the said voyage) untill her said discharge of<br /> her said last lading in this port, and all that while the said Crampe<br /> was in the said service and soe was [?AmstX] P[?atti?a] (one of the said<br /> Crampes servants) till the shipps comming to Plimouth (where he<br /> was prest) and the arlate Samuel Swann (another of the said Captaines<br /> servants) served in her and left her at Zant. And saith the said<br /> Captaine well deserved 6 li per moneth for his said service, and otherwise he<br /> cannot depose. Totherwise he<br /> cannot depose. To  +
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