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HCA 13/71 f.29r Annotate
First transcribed 17 September 2012  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 29  +
Parent volume HCA 13/71  +
Side Recto  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 17/09/2012  +
Transcription To the eighth article of the sayd allon heTo the eighth article of the sayd allon he saith that the direct way to sayle from Zant<br /> to the Streights mouth is about four hundred leagues and so accounted; and to<br /> sayle from Zant first to Corsico or Leghorne and so to the Streights mouth<br /> is about four hundred eighty five leagues and so accounted which is eighty five<br /> leagues out of the way. And this he knoweth for the reasons aforesayd, And further<br /> he cannot depose, for that the Course from Corsica to the Streights is by Leghorne,<br /> and Leghorne not more out of the way in his judgment than Corsica is. To the 9th article hee saith that according to the sayd computation, from Salina Road to<br /> sayle to Zant and there stopp and thence to Corsica or Leghorne and so to<br /> the streights mouth is about seven hundred forty six leagues, which is about<br /> one hundred and one leagues out of the direct Course from Ciprus to the<br /> Streights mouth, and so áccounted. And further refering himselfe to the reasons<br /> aforesayd he cannot depose. To the .16. and 17th articles of the sayd allegation which concerne the steeving of woolls hee<br /> saith he cannot depose having noe experience of it. To the 18th. he saith his deposition is true.<br /> Upon the rest he is not examined by direction of the Producent. '''Smyth dt''' To the Crosse Interrogatories. [CENTRE HEADING] To the .1st. Interrogatorie he saith he comes to testify in this cause att the request of Mr Chowne<br /> and Capt Goodlad. and further otherwise than negatively hee cánnot depose. To the second he saith hee cánnot depose, saving that he never was steeving<br /> the woolls att Ciprus. To the third hee saith he never made Ciprus his last Port homewards, but hath bene<br /> there twice, and both tymes came to Zant having busines there, and order to goe<br /> thither. and he knoweth not that it is usuall for shipps bound from Ciprus to London<br /> to Touch att Zant unlesse they have order so to doe. And otherwise saving<br /> his foregoeing depositions hee cannot answer. To the 4th. he saith he hath severall tymes seene the sayd shipp the ''Thomas Bonadven''<br /> ''ture'' and she hath two deckes, and is in his judgment about two hundred<br /> and sixty or more Tonnes, And further cannot depose. To the .5th: he saith he knoweth nothing thereof. To the .6th. he saith it is usuall for shipps in the streights after they are ready<br /> to stay for Company a month or the like tyme by order of the principalls, and<br /> so this Rendent hath sometymes done, but not otherwise. And further otherwise<br /> than negatively he cannot answer. To the 7th. he saith there is now way from Ciprus to England for a shipp but<br /> by the Streights mouth; and he beleiveth the ''Thomas Bonadventure'' came that<br /> way and any ship so coming, for England must sayle as the wind will permitt<br /> so as if the wind happen to be contrary espécially for any long tyme, as it<br /> sometymes happens, a shipp must of necessity either put into Port<br /> or if she sayle must goe out of her direct Course, some tymes one way some<br /> tymes another way to get advantage of winds, and by meanes thereof<br /> may happen to goe one hundred or more leagues out of the way. And<br /> otherwise he cánnot depose. To the .8th. he saith that neither the Va[?re] nor Corsica, are in the way from Ciprus<br /> for England, and beleiveth that such a wind can scarce possibly happen as to<br /> make the passage by Corsica to be as quick a passage from Salina Road to the<br /> Streights mouth as the direct way is or as such a Course is as is usually sayled<br /> when the wind is not favorable, And otherwise he cannot answer. To the .9th. he saith he never sayled directly from Salina Road to the Streights<br /> mouth. And further knoweth not nor can depose. To the .10th. he saith It is usuall and often falls out that sactors doe protest<br /> against such masters of shipps as breake the orders of their freighters<br /> in not staying in Port, or departing from thence when they should; And further<br /> he cannot anwer not knowing what to conclude or beleive in the case interrogate Toude or beleive in the case interrogate To  +
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