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HCA 13/71 f.41v Annotate
First transcribed 21 April 2013  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 41  +
Parent volume HCA 13/71  +
Primary sources '''TNA''' <u>Chancery</u> <u>PROB</u> PROB 11/295/426 Will of James Sadler, Innholder of London 24 September 1659  +
Side Verso  +
Status Missing image; transcribed on 21/04/2013  +
Transcription The 24th of March 1655. [CENTRE HEADING] The 24th of March 1655. [CENTRE HEADING] Bawcock et Bawcock against}<br /> harris and others} '''the first [?aXXX] is in A.8./.''' Exámined upon the fore said allegation. '''2.''' '''James Sadler''' of London Merchant aged 37 yeares<br /> or thereabouts sworne and exámined. To the first árticle of theis said allegation hee saith and deposeth That<br /> hee well knoweth the arlate John harris and Laurence Chambers<br /> and alsoe well knew the shipp the ''little George'' arlate, and saith that<br /> within the time arlate the said harris and Chambers were imployers<br /> of her, and for such commonly accompted, which hee knoweth because<br /> hee this deponent delivered them goods of the proceeds of their cargoe<br /> therein the voyage in question, and at their request was a witnesse for<br /> them as freighters against her owners for her insufficiency; which future<br /> was depending in this Court. To the second, third, fourth, fifth and 6th articles hee saith and deposeth<br /> that the said ship the said voyage being at the Barbadas, this deponent<br /> being requested by Christofer Mitchell her master, and Nathaniell horne<br /> the said freighters factor, to goe thence to the coasts of Barbary and Spaine, and<br /> there to assist the said horne and Mitchell in the sale of the shipps cargoe<br /> for the said freighters, and being contracted with by them to that purpose,<br /> hee this deponent in or about the beginning of October 1648 imbarqued<br /> himselfe in her and thence went in her for the coast of Barbary<br /> and touched at Antego for supplie of mariners, and saith that in<br /> the said shipps course from Antego for the coast of Barbary namely<br /> in or about the beginning of November 1648 the said Christofer Mitchell<br /> the master died, and Arthur Coysgardner (who was his mate)<br /> succeeded him in the said master shipp, and then the arlate Christofer<br /> Neck (who was commonly accompted the said Mitchells servant and was<br /> to that time boatswaine of the said shipp) was made masters mate; and<br /> in his place of boatswaine, William Peters (another of the said<br /> Mitchells servants) suceeded, who to the time served in the<br /> said shipp as Coxon or a common man. And saith the said Neck while<br /> hee was boatswaine deserved thirtie shillings per moneth for his<br /> service in the said shipp in the said qualitie, and three pounds per month<br /> as masters mate, and the said Peters in the qualitie hee served before<br /> hee was boatswaine deserved twenty shillings per moneth, and<br /> after hee was boatswaine thirtie shillings per moneth, and to this<br /> deponents remembrance Nathaniell horne the factor aforesaid said and<br /> acknowledged the to this deponent that the said Peters was shipped<br /> in his first qualitie at 20 s per moneth, Neck as boatswaine<br /> at thirtie shillings per moneth, the said Coysgardner as mate at<br /> three pounds per moneth, and that the said Mitchell the master<br /> sailed at the wages of five pounds per moneth, and soe much<br /> this deponent (who is well acquainted with sailing and serving<br /> in the like voyage and with the wages of mariners for the same) saith<br /> they all well deserved; And saith the said shipp came and traded on<br /> the coast of Barbary and thence to the coast of Spaine, where<br /> in or about September 1649 (and after this deponent had bin<br /> neere about a twelve moneth in her) shee was for her insufficiencie laid up<br /> namely insufficiencie laid up<br /> namely  +
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