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HCA 13/71 f.43v Annotate
First transcribed 2 September 2012  +
First transcriber Jill Wilcox  +
Folio 43  +
Parent volume HCA 13/71  +
Side Verso  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 02/09/2012  +
Transcription marchandiseing and have both of them severmarchandiseing and have both of them severall times employed this deponent XX GUTTER<br /> and about their marchandiseing affaires And fúrther he cannot depose To the second hee saith, That in or about the month of December 1655 last<br /> past, the said Jacob Sheafe did by himselfe or his Agents att or neere<br /> Boston in New England Lade or cause to be Laden and putt on board the<br /> shipp the ''Johns Adventure'' allate one barrill of beaver and other skinns<br /> marked as in the margent, and consigned the same to the said Henry<br /> Ashurst, the said barrill at the time of the said Lading containeing ninety<br /> eight beaver skinns, seaven otter skinns, and fower minx skinns, The<br /> premisses hee deposeth upon the subsequent grounds. videlicet for that hee this deponent<br /> shortly after the arrivall of the said shipp Johns Adventure at this port<br /> of London was employed and entrusted by the said Henry Ashurst to<br /> demand and receive of John Cutting Master of the said shipp the severall<br /> goods therein Laden by the said Jacob Sheafé and consigned by the said Henry<br /> Ashurst conformed to the invoyce and bill of Ladeing for the same which the<br /> said Sheafe by the said Master had sent to his said correspondent Ashurst<br /> who delivered the same to this deponent to the intent to demand and receive the<br /> said ˹goods˺ as aforesaid, as this deponent accordingly did, save onely the said barrill<br /> of beaver and other skinns marked as aforesaid. which this deponent misseing and<br /> being informed that the allate Robert Hubbart, had the said goods in his<br /> Custodie, this deponent with the said John Cutting went to the said Hubbarts,<br /> Lodgeing, and desired to see the said barrill and goods, where this deponent<br /> having seene the same, and dîligently compared the marke and number with<br /> the marke and number in the said invoyce and bill of Lading expressed<br /> and the number of ninetie seaven or ninety eight beaver skinns (the<br /> other skinns being disposed of by the said Hubbart, as hee then said) this deponent<br /> found and is clearely convinced and assured in Conscience, that the said barrill<br /> and skinns were and are the same which the said Jacob Sheafe Laded and<br /> consigned as aforesaid. And further cannot depose:/ To the third article and schedule annexed being seen and perused by this<br /> examinate at the time of his examination hee saith, That by means of<br /> his correspondence with and employment by the said Jacob Sheafe<br /> and others his correspondents here at London for three yeares Last<br /> and upwards, hee said this deponent is very well acquainted with the usuall<br /> character and manner of writeing of the said Jacob Sheafe, and<br /> thereby is fully convinced and assured that the said schedule being an<br /> Invoyce or factory of and for the said goods was and is all written in<br /> the proper hand writeing of the said Sheafe, and that the marke in<br /> the margent thereof marked was and is the usuall and constant<br /> marke wherewith the said Sheafe doeth marke or cause to be<br /> marked the goods and marchandises whereof hee alone is Proprietor<br /> and which hee rendeth to the said Ashurst and others his correspondents there at London. And<br /> further cannot depose:-/ To the 4:th article and schedule or bill of lading annexed and now seeing<br /> and perused by this examinate this deponent saith, that it is one and the<br /> same bill of Ladeing which this deponent received from the said Henry<br /> Ashurst whereby to demand the barrill and goods aforesaid, aged GUTTER<br /> the said Cutting hath severall times acknowledged the said bill of<br /> Lading by to be one of the bills of Lading by him signed and firmed<br /> {f}or the goods aforesaid. And further cannot depose:./ To the 7:th hee saith hee knoweth nothing thereof, saving this deponent<br /> hath severall times heard Thomas Jenner his precontest say and<br /> declare, that hee the said Jenner during said shipps course for<br /> New England towards London did heare the said Robert Hubbart<br /> propound the signing of a bill of ladeing by the said Master to the said<br /> Hubbartaid Master to the said<br /> Hubbart  +
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