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HCA 13/71 f.454v Annotate
First transcribed 3 January 2013  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 454  +
Parent volume HCA 13/71  +
Side Verso  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 03/01/2013  +
Transcription The 12th of december 1656. Matson againstThe 12th of december 1656. Matson against Naylor.}<br /> Cheeke. Suckley.} Exámined upon the Libell given in this cause. '''Rp. 1''' '''Oliver Langdon''' of Wapping Wall deale Merchant<br /> aged 38 yeeres or thereabouts sworne and exámined. To the first article of the said libell hee saith and deposeth that<br /> hee well knoweth the producent Elizabeth Matson and hath<br /> soe donne for theise tenn yeares last or thereabouts, and saith that<br /> shee for all the time arlate hath bin and is owner of the lighter<br /> called the ''Ellen and Anne'' arlate (which hee alsoe well knoweth seeing her<br /> from time to time imploy the said lighter, and this deponent<br /> hath severall times bought ballast of her that was taken<br /> up in the said lighter./ To the second and third articles of the said libell hee saith and deposeth<br /> that on or about the tenth day of may last the shipp the ''Mary'' of<br /> Ipswich arlate rode at anchor in the River of Thames over against<br /> New Crane taking in of ballast in a fitting place where shipps<br /> use to ride and take in ballast, and the fore said lighter the<br /> ''Ellen and Anne'' lay moored unto the said shipp with labourers<br /> aboard the said lighter heaving ballast out of her into the said<br /> shipp, and while shee was soe doeing, there came the said day<br /> (or thereabouts) in the day time, an Ipswich hoy or vessell<br /> a certaine hoy (which was said and accounted to be belonging to one<br /> Naylor of Barking) downe the river under saile, directly<br /> towards the said shipp and lighter, whereupon (when shee came neere) some of<br /> the company of the said shipp ''Mary'' and of the said lighter which<br /> lay moored unto her, cried or called aloud out to the company of<br /> the said hoy to lore (sic) their sailes, and keepe off, telling them<br /> that otherwise they would split the said lighter, and severall<br /> times repeated their crie and calling out to the said hoy, howbeit<br /> hee saith the said hoyes company neglecting to take care therein,<br /> the said hoy ran with her bough upon the said lighter, and broke and<br /> of her side downe, (soe that the said side lay under water) and brake<br /> her inward and outward workes, and crushed her in peeces, all<br /> which hee knoweth for that this deponent was casual{l}y rowing<br /> by in a wherry while the premisses happened, and him selfe seeing the said<br /> hoy comming soe dangerously on towards the said lighter, called out to her company<br /> to keepe off, and telling them that otherwise they would splitt<br /> the said lighter, And otherwise hee cannot depose, not knowing<br /> the name of the said hoy. To the fourth article hee saith that the said lighter being soe<br /> broke and her side under water, severall of the company<br /> of the ''Mary'' leaped into the said lighter, and with their backs helped<br /> to beare off and cleare away the said hoy, which if they had not<br /> speedilywhich if they had not<br /> speedily  +
Transcription image [[File:P1140076.JPG|thumbnail|800px|none|link=Special:TranscriptionInterface/P1140076.JPG|[[:HCA 13/71|HCA 13/71]] f.454v: Right click on image for full size image in separate window  +
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