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HCA 13/71 f.46r Annotate
First transcribed 3 October 2012  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 46  +
Parent volume HCA 13/71  +
Side Recto  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 03/10/2012  +
Transcription [MERCHANTS MARK IN LH MARGIN] the ''Johns[MERCHANTS MARK IN LH MARGIN] the ''Johns Adventure'' then rideing and being in the River of Boston<br /> aforesaid, one barrill of beaver and other skinns marked and numbred as in<br /> the margent being consigned to the said Henry Ashurst his Correspondents<br /> here in London, which barrill of goods this deponent received aboard the said<br /> shipp by order from his precontest John Cutting then ashoare at Boston, who<br /> writte a note to this deponent to receive the same aboard for the said Mr Sheafes accompt<br /> which this deponent did and gave a note under his hand for such the receipt<br /> thereof, but what was the quantitie of the said skinns hee saith hee knoweth<br /> not no And otherwise saith hee cannot depose:-/ To the third and schedule or Invoyce annexed now seene and perused<br /> by this examinate hee saith hee hath no positive or particular knowledge of<br /> the writeing sending or contents of the said schedule, but foresasmuch as this<br /> deponent hath often seene and observed the usuall character and firme of the said<br /> Sheafe, hee thereby is induced verily to beleeve that the said schedule or writeing,<br /> or factorie was and is really written and signed with the proper hand writeing<br /> of the said Sheafe, And further cannot depose: saving that about 14 moneths<br /> since this deponent being employed by his precontest Mr Cutting to attend at the<br /> Custome howse London about his said shipps then discharge, saw and observed some<br /> goods unladen out of the said shipp marked with the marke aforesaid, and consigned<br /> to the said Henry Ashurst by the said Jacob Sheafes as this deponent was then<br /> credibly informed/:- To the 4th and schedule or bills of Ladeing annexed hee saith, That this<br /> deponent haveing been sewall times employed by his precontest John Cutting, to goe<br /> with the bills of ladeing by him signed to discharge goods both here at London<br /> and in new England, is very perfectly acquainted with his the said Cuttings<br /> manner of signeing of bills of Ladeing. and saith the said John Cutting upon<br /> the receipt of goods of any considerable valew being packed or barrelled up hath<br /> constantly writt, and doeth usually write immediately before his firme theise<br /> words, videlicet ('''the contents I know not''') so that this deponent though he were<br /> not personally present at nor did see the bill or schedule annexed signed, yet upon<br /> the grounds of experience and observation aforesaid hee was and is fully assured of<br /> the true signature of the said bill of Lading with the proper hand writeing of the<br /> said John Cutting his precontest To the 5th hee saith, That the said barrill of goods Laden marked and numbred<br /> as aforesaid arrived and came in the said shipp ''Johns adventure'' in safety<br /> to this Port of London, which hee knoweth being Masters mate in and<br /> aboard the said shipp the voiage aforesaid, and saw the same hoisted out<br /> of the said shipp into a Lighter in the said Port of London. To the 13th hee saith, That hee this deponent was present both at the<br /> Ladeing of the barrill of goods in Controversy in New England, and at<br /> the unlading of it here, at both which places hee well observed the<br /> marke thereof, and doeth not remember nor know that any other barrill of<br /> goods of the same marke was the voyage aforesaid Laden in and aboard<br /> the said shipps. To the 14th article of the said Allegation hee saith, That as this deponent remembreth<br /> the said shipp ''Johns Adventure'' with the said Robert Hubbart a passenger<br /> aboard her sett sayle and departed from Boston aforesaid upon or about<br /> the 19th day of December <u>1655.</u> last past, and came the same day to<br /> Nantaskett about 9. miles from Boston, so that neither the said shipp<br /> nor her said Master nor the said Hubbart were at Boston the xx:th day<br /> of December <u>1655.</u> which hee knoweth being as aforesaid Masters<br /> mate of and aboard her the whole voiage:-/ To the 15th hee referreth to his foregoing deposition, And further cannot deposition, And further cannot depose.  +
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