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HCA 13/71 f.645r Annotate
First transcribed 3 April 2013  +
First transcriber Jill Wilcox  +
Folio 645  +
Parent volume HCA 13/71  +
Side Recto  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 03/04/2013  +
Transcription millrees perhead. And saith that there wermillrees perhead. And saith that there were seven hundred eighty<br /> seven Negers besides Children brought to and landed alive att<br /> Bahia for the Accompt of Portugalls the freight whereof after<br /> the rate aforesayd did and doth amount unto three thousand eighty<br /> nyne mill eight hundred rees. And that of the sayd Captaine<br /> Hurdidge, his Owners and Companies Negars there were Landed<br /> att Bahia in Brazill aforesayd, one hundred fifty nine Negers<br /> and sixteene children one hundred thirty three where of belonged to the sayd Hurdidge and his Owners the premisses he deposeth belng present<br /> att making of the contract for the sayd freight and saw the sayd<br /> Negers taken in and landed at aforesayd: And otherwise he<br /> deposeth not. To the 8th article he saith that the sayd shipp having so taken in the<br /> sayd Negars and Salt sett syle from Anglola and arrived safely<br /> therewith att Bahia in Brasilia the month of february 1650<br /> English stile or 1651. new stile. And saith<br /> that of his sight and knowledge the sayd shipp and Negars and salt<br /> and all what so ever on board her for Accompt of Englishmen were<br /> seized by the officers or ministers of the King of Portugall upon<br /> her such first arrivall together with the freight aforementioned<br /> and freight allso due to the sayd shipp for the Negars and salt<br /> for English Accompt. And saith that he knoweth and observed<br /> that the sayd Negers belonging to the English were all sold some<br /> att fourty nine some att forty eight millrees perhead and some<br /> att something lower rates, and that they were really worth one<br /> with another forty five millrees per head att the least, so as<br /> the sayd one hundred fifty nine Negers and 16 children for<br /> English Accompt att that rate did amount to seven thousand<br /> one hundred fifty five millrees, and so much the King of Portugalls<br /> ministers had and made of the same, and disposed of the sayd<br /> salt to the Kings use, And so much his deponent well saw<br /> and observed. And further deposeth not. To the 9th article he saith the sayd shipp was of 420 tonnes burthen<br /> and upwards and had four and twenty gunnes, and was by<br /> the Portugeeses themselves of this deponents ćertayne knowledge<br /> appraised att Angola att twelve thousand Crownes sylver money<br /> each Crowne worth five shillings English, and so much the<br /> said shipp was then well worth. And further deposeth not. To the tenth article he saith that the sayd ffrancis Hurdidge did<br /> att Angola pay the Royall Customes for all the foresayd Negroes<br /> taken into the sayd shipp att Angola att four millrees per head videlicet part in ready money<br /> and part in bills of exchange and bound himselfe shipps and goods<br /> for making good the same. And saith that the Customes for<br /> the sayd nine hundred and seventeen Negerses receyved on board<br /> for Portugalls Accompt att the sayd rate of four millrees per head<br /> did and doe amount to three thousand six hundred sixty eight<br /> millrees, which the sayd ffrancis Hurdidge did pay in manner<br /> as Hurdidge did pay in manner<br /> as  +
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