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HCA 13/71 f.89r Annotate
First transcribed 10 November 2012  +
First transcriber Philip Hnatkovich  +
Folio 89  +
Parent volume HCA 13/71  +
Side Recto  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 10/11/2012  +
Transcription aboard the ''Elizabeth and Anne'' but saitaboard the ''Elizabeth and Anne'' but saith the same was brought by the Company<br /> and in the boate of the ''Elizabeth and Anne'' to the ''Cesar'' in Nathalagoe Roade<br /> before the ''Cesars'' last goeing to Petras, which money hee afterwards<br /> delivered back to the sayd harby as is before deposed, And further to this<br /> Interrogatorie hee cannot answere./ To the 37th Interrogatorie and the schedule therein mentioned hee saith hee knoweth the Interrogate Jacob Salter<br /> and that hee was boatswaine of the ''Cesar'', and having perused the schedule<br /> Interrogate hee saith hee beleeveth the words Jacob Salter is his the sayd<br /> Salters owne hand writing but beleeveth not the rest of<br /> the sayd schedule to bee his the sayd Salters hand writing And to the rest<br /> of the Interrogatorie hee answereth negatively for his part not beleeving<br /> any boatswaines noate to bee binding to a master of a shipp in such<br /> sort as is Interrogate./ To the 38th Interrogatorie and the Schedule therein mentioned hee<br /> saith hee beleeveth the second Schedule Interrogate to be signed by the<br /> Interrogate Aron Estes Thomas Child and Jacob Salter, which Salter<br /> and Child are two of the Company of the ''Cesar'', and saith the sayd second<br /> Schedule is as hee beleeveth a protest made by the Interrogate<br /> harbie at Petras against this deponent for not signeing bills of lading<br /> for certayne Currans laden aboard the ''Cesar'', and for not<br /> delivering them aboard the ''Elizabeth and Anne'' aforesayd,<br /> but doth by virtue of his oath saye and affirme that the contents<br /> of the sayd pretended protest are utterly false, for that hee this<br /> deponent knoweth not of any Currans that were laden aboard<br /> the ''Cesar'' for Accompt of Williams and company<br /> in the sayd pretended protest named, or for Accompt of any other person<br /> save the forenamed Thomas Rowse and ffrancis ffowke And alsoe<br /> for that hee well knoweth that hee this deponent never made any<br /> Contract or agreement or undertooke to or with the sayd harbie<br /> or any other person to deliver any of the sayd Currans aboard the<br /> ''Elizabeth and Anne'' or to deliver any of them from aboard the [LH MARGIN, AT 90 DEGREES] ''Cesar'' at any place but at London and saith that hee this deponent did suffer the sayd harbie in the presences of divers of his this deponents shipps Company to signe bills of ladeing for the Curans in Controversie to deliver them at London or elsewhere to such persons as it should appeare they did of right belonge unto the sayd harbie paying this deponent freight for them according to the Charterparty in this cause exhibited on behalfe of the sayd Rowse and ffrancis ffowke, and the sayd harby giving this deponent severity to save him harmelesse touching the delivery of them, which hee saith the sayd harbie in presence of divers of this deponentes shipps company refused to doe and afterwardes and gave order to this deponent and his purser not to deliver the Currans in controversie till his this deponents coming to London as is before deposed Wll Fudge [SIGNATURE, LH MARGIN] And further<br /> to this Interrogatorie hee cannot answere./ To the 39th Interrogatorie hee saith hee is not acquainted with<br /> harbies handwriting having seene little of it, and therefore knoweth<br /> not whether the letter Interrogate be his hand or not, And further<br /> to this Interrogatorie hee cannot answere To the 40th Interrogatorie hee saith hee knoweth not upon whose Accompt<br /> the Currans Interrogate would have bin put in case they had miscarried in<br /> manner they had miscarried in<br /> manner  +
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