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HCA 13/72 f.135v Annotate
First transcribed 18 July 2017  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 135  +
Parent volume HCA 13/72  +
Side Verso  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 18/07/2017  +
Transcription and thence tooke her course for Amsterdam,and thence tooke her course for Amsterdam, in which course shee was<br /> seized as aforessaid, And otherwise negatively To the fifth hee saith that besides the foresaid goods named in his<br /> deposition to the second article of the allegation, there were carried from<br /> Amsterdam in the said shipp linnen cloth, hollands cheeses, and some<br /> stuffs, but the particular quantities hee remembreth not, nor knoweth<br /> the valew of the whole cargo, nor can estimate the same. And<br /> otherwise saving as aforesaid hee cannot answer. To the sixth hee saithhee saw the weighing of the said tobaccoes<br /> soe taken in on the wild coast, but tooke noe account thereof in writing, that being donne by the master, and that none of the foresaid tobaccoes<br /> by him deposed to be laden for the owners were (to his remembrance)<br /> marked, but only chipps or peeces of wood fastened to the ends, and<br /> thereon the quantitie or weight of each roll set downe, but besides<br /> the foresaid quantitie deposed to be laden for the owners, this deponent<br /> had five greate rolls and one small roll for his owne account<br /> upon which were peeces of wood fastened marked with this deponents<br /> marke videlicet [MARKE], but the marke and wood is fallen off from one<br /> of his greate rolls, and that this deponent hath<br /> alsoe a small cae of tobaccoe of the same marke, and the boatswaine<br /> hath one greate roll of tobaccoe for account of him and some others of the company and some<br /> small rolls and three cases of tobaccoe, and another of the<br /> company namely Arian Bastinson had alsoe some, but the quantitie hee remembreth not<br /> and one hide and a halfe, And otherwise hee doth not remember<br /> saving his foregoeing deposition. To the seaveneth hee saith hee never saw the said Augustin Rosetti<br /> till this voyage then hee met him in Santa Cruse, And otherwise hee<br /> cannot answer saving as aforesaid. To the 8th hee cannot depose, but verily beleeveth the contrary. To the 9th hee saith that they had no license nor needed any to trade<br /> on the Wild coast, for hee saith they lay out and the Wilde people<br /> and somtimes Spaniards came aboard them with canoes and brought<br /> tobaccoes, and sold the same unto them upon truck for some of their<br /> said outwards commodities, And saith that the season for tobaccoe<br /> at Tobago not being come, they went to the Wild Coast for the<br /> tobaccoe. And otherwise negatively. To the tenth negatively. To the last hee cannot answer saving his foregoeing deposition to which<br /> hee referreth himselfe. Jan B[?XXXXXX] [SIGNATURE, RH SIDE] *********************** The 29th of September 1657. [CENTRE HEADING] Examined upon the foresaid allegation. '''Rp.''' '''2.''' '''Frederick Claeson''' of Amsterdam Mariner, boatswaine<br /> of the said shipp the ''Morning Starr'', aged 30 yeares<br /> or thereabouts, sworne and examined. To the first and second articles hee saith and deposeth that hee knoweth Egbert<br /> Scutt arlate and saith that hee and company of Amsterdam are<br /> commonly accounted owners of teh said shipp and of her tackle and furniture<br /> Andf her tackle and furniture<br /> And  +
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