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HCA 13/72 f.139v Annotate
First transcribed 11 March 2015  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 139  +
Parent volume HCA 13/72  +
Side Verso  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 11/03/2013  +
Transcription and departed thense with her about the tweand departed thense with her about the twenty sixth of the sayd Moneth and<br /> went with her from thense to a Port called Vado distant from Genoa about<br /> tenn leagues. this hee knoweth being<br /> Masters Mate of her and aboard then. And further to this article hee cannot<br /> depose/ To the 2: 3 and 4th articles of the sayd allegation hee saith that within the<br /> tyme arlate and in the moneth of June 1657 there were certayne Butts<br /> of Oyle (but the number of them or how many tunnes of oyle they conteyned<br /> hee knoweth not) laden aboard the sayd shipp at Vado aforesayd by the<br /> Agent of the arlate david Bonnell to bee thense transported for<br /> London for the sayd Bonnells Accompt and there delivered to the sayd Bonnell or his Agents this hee the<br /> better knoweth for hee helped to lade and stowe the sayd oyles And saith<br /> that hee knoweth not what agreement was made with the sayd<br /> david younge, by the sayd Bonnells Agent for the freight of the sayd<br /> oyles being not present when the Contract was made nor having seene<br /> the bills of ladeing for them but well knoweth that three pounds five<br /> shillings a tonne and more is usually paid for the freight<br /> of bringing a tonne of oyle from Genoa or Vado or any of those adiacent<br /> places to London And saith that the sayd Oyles being laden the sayd<br /> shipp departed with them and other goods laden aboard her, from Vado in<br /> the sayd Moneth of June and safely arrived therewith at the Port of<br /> London in or about the moneth of August last and there delivered the sayd<br /> Oyle soe laden for Accompt of the sayd Bonnell unto the sayd Bonnell<br /> or his Agents who disposed thereof (as hee beleeveth) according to<br /> his or their will and pleasure, this hee deposeth being Masters Mate as afore=<br /> sayd and helpeing alsoe to unlade the sayd oyles And further to those<br /> articles hee cannot depose./ To the 5th and 6th articles hee saith that hee this deponent helpeing both to stow<br /> and to unlade the sayd oyles as aforesayd knoweth that whatever leakage<br /> happened to the sayd oyles did not happen to the same through any neglect<br /> of the master and company of the sayd shipp for the same weer well<br /> and carefully stowed and were surveyed at debtford by skillfull and able seamen before their unladeing<br /> and found to bee well and sufficiently stowed and bedded and<br /> Coyned according to the Custome of the sea and not to have any heavie<br /> or chargeable goods stowed about them whereby to doe them any wrong<br /> with weight, And saith that what oyle is wanting out of the sayd<br /> Casks leaked out through the insufficiencie of the sayd Casks they<br /> being as it appeared made of greene wood and by that meanes<br /> shrunke which occasioned the leakage for this deponent well knoweth<br /> and did observe at the tyme of the unladeing the same [XXXes] at London<br /> that there was not a hoope broken or pulled off any of the sayd caskes<br /> soe that the leakinesse of them must needes and did (as hee beleeveth)<br /> proceede and happen only by the shrinkeing of the casks by reason of the greenesse<br /> of the wood they were made of and by reason of divers knotts which hee<br /> observed to bee in the staves of them And further to this article hee cannot<br /> depose./ To the 7th hee saith that upon the arrivall of the sayd shipp with the sayd<br /> oyles at London there came a Cooper being as<br /> hee beleeveth the arlate Collins, who did view the sayd Caske wherein<br /> the sayd oyles were, being sent as hee sayd by the sayd Bonnell to that<br /> effect to looke in what condition the casks were and to helpe what defects hee<br /> could in them And hee saith that the sayd Cooper upon view of them did<br /> findeer upon view of them did<br /> finde  +
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