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HCA 13/72 f.174v Annotate
First transcribed 25 May 2013  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 174  +
Parent volume HCA 13/72  +
Side Verso  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 25/05/2013  +
Transcription Saint Catherins staires, neere the wharfe Saint Catherins staires, neere the wharfe arlate of the said Jenkin Ellis<br /> hath often times Seene severall vessells at a time lie a brest betweene Saint<br /> Catherin's Staires and Saint Catherins dock upon the entertainment and<br /> by the leave of the said Ellis, who was commonly accounted to receive<br /> hire of the same, namely hee hath sometimes seene fifteene billanders<br /> at a time lying there upon the said Ellis his entertainement, and<br /> at other times fewer in the place aforesaid at and neere the said<br /> Ellis his wharfe, and hee the said Ellis hath received<br /> hire or moneys of the masters thereof for their soe lying, as<br /> this deponent hath heard severall of the said masters say and<br /> acknowledge. And lately a shipp being endeavoured to be brought<br /> ashore there to prevent over setting, a flemming that lay [ashore GUTTER]<br /> at the said Ellis his wharfe refusing to slack his fast, to make<br /> way for the said shipp, one mr Cox that was with this deponent<br /> imployed in the bringing the said shipp set ashore, threatened to cutt<br /> the fflemings hawser because hee would not make way<br /> whereupon the ffleming in this deponents hearing said hee paid<br /> Mr Ellis (speaking of and meaning the said Jenkin Ellis)<br /> halfe a crowne a weeke for his vessells lying there, and therefore praid him not to cutt it<br /> And this lying of the said vessells there in that manner, was and<br /> is a greate anoyance of the neighbours, and hinderance of the<br /> matter of much passion. To the third árticle hee saith that by meanes of severall vessells<br /> soe lying abreast within the time aforesaid at and neere the said<br /> Jenkins his wharfe upon his entertainment, diverse of the<br /> neighbours have had their worth ligter, XXXXXX of office<br /> and XXXXXXXX, (that were neere the said Ellis<br /> his XXXXX or wharfe) broken downe, and the said neighbours<br /> deprived of their XXXX liberties of shipping off or taking<br /> in goods at their backsides and XXXXX adioyning the River, their being<br /> noe accesse thereunto by lighters by reason of many vessells<br /> from time to time soe lying át the said Ellis his wharfe<br /> and neere thereunto upon his entertainement, and by meanes<br /> of such lyeing of the said vessells, many watermen and lightermen<br /> coming upwards against the tide, and comming neere the said wharfe<br /> have bin and are enforced to row and keep {well} off against the<br /> hart and strength of the currant of the tide before they [ran in GUTTER]<br /> XXXX ashore at Saint Catherins staires and thereabouts, to their<br /> greate trouble, toile and preiudice. And otherwise hee cannot<br /> depose. To the fourth hee saith that they are for the most part ffrench and<br /> dutch vessells that soe lie from time to time at the said wharfe<br /> of the said Ellis, and the companies thereof use to lie aboard and<br /> keep firing in them to dresse their provisions of victuall three or<br /> foure candles burining aboard to the greate danger of firing<br /> them selves and the houses adioyining. To the fifth hee saith that this deponent hath lived neere thirtie<br /> years in Saint Catherins, and hath used the Thames in the imployment<br /> athe Thames in the imployment<br /> a  +
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