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HCA 13/72 f.176v Annotate
First transcribed 27 May 2013  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 176  +
Parent volume HCA 13/72  +
Side Verso  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 27/05/2013  +
Transcription after her departure from Bourdeaux, and thafter her departure from Bourdeaux, and the said storme continued<br /> about eleaven howers after such her comming into Port lewes, and<br /> saith that the goods that were remaining were some of<br /> them landed to be dried, and this deponent left them some ashore<br /> and the rest aboard at Port lewes, and soe came for England, but<br /> hee heard that they were afterwards carried to the Barbado's in another<br /> shipp that was sent by mr Lucas lucie. And further hee cannot<br /> depose, saving that such departure of the said shipp and goods from<br /> Bourdeaux was on or about the seaventh day (old stile) of the [XXX GUTTER]<br /> moneth of Octobert 1654. To the Crosse Interrogatories. [CENTRE HEADING] To the first hee saith that the said shipp had bin about foure<br /> dayes out at sea before the said storme begann, and otherwise hee<br /> hath satisfied the same before. To the second hee saith that some of the Assignes that were<br /> drowned, were throwne over board, but none other of the goods<br /> were throwne over in the said storme, which As[XXX]go's were p[XXXX]d<br /> and were betwixt the deck in the said shipp before their death, and saith<br /> they did not cut down any of their masts, but sprung the<br /> maine mast by the said storme, And otherwise hee cannot answer<br /> saving as aforesaid. To the third hee saith the said shipp was much beaten and [shattered GUTTER]<br /> when shee was soe forced into port lewes, which was at [XX] and<br /> that by the ardours of the said storme and tempestuous weather<br /> And saith that some part of the said goods were dried and preserved and<br /> before this deponent soe came from<br /> port lewes, but the quantitie soe dried and preserved hee<br /> doth nor remember; And otherwise hee cannot answer saving<br /> his foregoeing deposition to which hee referreth him selfe. Repeated before Doctor Godolphin./. Philmon Pown[XXX] [SIGNATURE, RH SIDE] ******************************* The claime of Christofer Wouters and company}<br /> and others severally specified in the description of the}<br /> allegation for their goods in the ''Golden King'' of}<br /> Middleborow, Govert Udemans master.} Exámined upon an allegation<br /> made in the acts of Court on the behalfe of the<br /> said claimers. '''Rp. 1''' '''Govert Udemans''' of Middleborow [Mariner GUTTER]<br /> Master of the said shipp, aged 30 yeares or<br /> thereabouts sworne and exámined. To the said allegation hee saith hee well knoweth all the respective [persons GUTTER]<br /> mentioned in the said description, and that they are all subiects<br /> of the Lords the States Generall of the United Netherlands in amitie<br /> with this Commonwealth, and that they laded and caused to be<br /> laden aboard the said shipp the severall parcells of wine and<br /> brandewine (therein alsoe mentioned) aboard the said shipp at [XXXX GUTTER]<br /> insaid shipp at [XXXX GUTTER]<br /> in  +
Transcription image [[File:IMG_121_11_4680.JPG|thumbnail|800px|none|link=Special:TranscriptionInterface/IMG_121_11_4680.JPG|[[:HCA 13/72|HCA 13/72]] f.176v: Right click on image for full size image in separate window  +
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