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HCA 13/72 f.181r Annotate
First transcribed 3 May 2013  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 181  +
Parent volume HCA 13/72  +
People <u>David Bonnell</u> POSSIBLE<u>David Bonnell</u> POSSIBLE MATCH: PROB 11/401/275 Will of David Bonnell of Isleworth, Middlesex 13 October 1690 "BONNELL, Jacob Ald Farringdon Within, 5-7 Jul 1670, disch, F £420 (1) St Mary Colechurch, 1638, ? St Mildred Poultry, St Andrew Holborn, 1675 (2) GR, M, 1675 (3) bap 26 Nov 1609, Dutch Church Austin Friars, d Aug 1675 (4) Will PCC 81 Dycer pr, 5 Aug 1675 f David Bonnell of Tower ward, merchant, m Catherine Best, als De Best, da of - Best of London, gent (5) Neph Andrew Bonnell mar Anne, da of Sir Thomas ALLEYN (6) (1) Beaven, I, p 151 (2) Boyd 28255, will (3) Beaven, II, p 105 (4) W J C Moens (ed), The Registers of the Dutch Reformed Church, Austin Friars, 1571-1874 (1884), Boyd 28255 (5) Boyd 28255, 12931, MG et H, 2nd Ser, II, p 114, f was b in Norwich, s of an alien, m was b in Antwerp (Agnew, Protestant Exiles, I, p 80) (6) Agnew, Protestant Exiles, I, p 80"UNIQba7846ff6f8ec2ce-ref-00001077-QINU0"UNIQba7846ff6f8ec2ce-ref-00001077-QINU  +
Side Recto  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 03/05/2013  +
Transcription To the first second and third articles of To the first second and third articles of the sayd allegation hee saith that hee<br /> being a scrivener by profession thereby well knoweth that the arlate John Morris<br /> as being then lawfull Owner and Proprietor of one eighth parte of the<br /> arlate Shipp the ''Prosperous'' did in the moneth of November one thousand sixe<br /> hundred fifty five then sell unto the arlate John Page one of the parties in this<br /> cause for and in consideration of a valuable summe of money<br /> his sayd eighth part of the sayd shipp and alsoe all his the sayd John Morris<br /> his part of the profitts Arreares and part of the stocke of the sayd shipp<br /> then due unto him the sayd Morris in any kind whatsoever by reason of his sayd<br /> eighth part of the sayd shipp And this hee the better knoweth for that hee this<br /> deponent drew the bill of sale for the sayd eighth part of the sayd shipp from<br /> the sayd Morris to the sayd Page, and well remembreth that upon the sealing<br /> of the same the sayd Morris and Page having forgott to give this deponent<br /> speciall Instructions for the inserteing into the sayd bill of sale the sale of the sayd<br /> Morris his part of the profitts Arreares and part of the stock of the<br /> same shipp due to him the sayd Morris then by reason of his sayd eighth<br /> part in the sayd shipp, the sayd Morris did then by word of mouth in the<br /> presence of this deponent and others the wittnesses to the sayd bill of Sale<br /> acknowledge and declare that though hee had forgotten to gove order to<br /> this deponent for the inserteing of the sale of the proffitts arreares and stock of his<br /> the sayd shipp due then to him by reason of his sayd eighth part of the sayd<br /> shipp thtat hee then did alsoe sell the same togeather with the sayd eigth part<br /> of the sayd shipp to the sayd John Page to hold to him the sayd Page his<br /> Executors Administrators and Assignes to his and their proper use and uses<br /> for ever as fully and amply as if the same had bin inserted in the sayd<br /> bill of her sale, or hee the sayd Morris then declared him selfe in words<br /> to the very like effect And further to those articles hee cannot depose/ To the rest of the articles hee is not examined by direction of<br /> the producents./ Repeated before doctor Godolphin/ Sam:ll Haughton [SIGNATURE, RH SIDE] ***************************** The 19th of January 1657 English style [CENTRE HEADING] David Younge and Company against david Bonnell}<br /> Smith Suckley} Examined on the sayd allegation on the behalfe of the sayd Younge<br /> and Company./ '''see the first in A9''' '''Rp EA 2us''' '''Edward Buckley''' of the parish of Saint Olave in Southwarke Mariner<br /> aged twenty nyne yeares or thereabouts a wittnesse sworne and<br /> examined saith and deposeth as followth videlicet./ To the first article hee saith hee this deponent was and went Boatswaine of the arlate shipp<br /> the ''Catherine'' the voyage in question which began from this port of London in the Moneth of January<br /> one thousand sixe hundred fifty five English style and ended in the moneth of September one thousand<br /> sixe hundred fifty seaven and thereby knoweth that during the sayd voyage the arlate davide<br /> Younge was and went Master of the sayd shipp and had the care and Charge of her as Master<br /> of her And that the sayd Younge in the monethes and tyme arlate did remayne with the sayd<br /> shipp in and neere Genoa videlicet hee was with her in Genoa in the Moneth of May last and<br /> departed thence with her about the latter end of that moneth and came thence with her to<br /> Vado a Port about tenn leagues distant from Genoa./ To the 2: 3: and 4th articles hee saith that in the moneth of June last the ffactors of Agents<br /> of the sayd david Bonnell did cause to be laden and put aboard the sayd shipp ''Catherine''<br /> twenty seaven butts of oyles to be transported thence to London and there delivered to the sayd<br /> Bonnell or his Agents, but how many tonnes of oyle the sayd butts conteyned or the rate agreed upon<br /> fored or the rate agreed upon<br /> for  +
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