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HCA 13/72 f.203v Annotate
First transcribed 15 April 2013  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 203  +
Parent volume HCA 13/72  +
Side Verso  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 15/04/2013  +
Transcription hee well knowth that in the moneth of Junehee well knowth that in the moneth of June one thousand sixe hundred fifty seaven<br /> the sayd shipp the ''Eastland Merchant'' was and remayned in the Port of Birkery arlate<br /> and that while shee soe remayned there there came some shipps to the number of five who bore the Spanish<br /> Colours and were as hee beleeveth belonging to the King of Spaine and or his subiects<br /> and endeavoured to come to harbour at Bickery but Riddeing the water shallowe they laye came for some tyme to an Anchor without the harbour<br /> and there lay with intente as this deponent beleeveth to take an oportunity<br /> to seize the ''Eastland Merchant'' and her ladeing, (they having of this deponents knowledge<br /> sett upon and fought with her and some other English shipps at Sea before videlicet in the Moneth of March<br /> last) and saith that while they were there soe lyeing to take their oportunite, the Pinke<br /> and Pottash of Leghorne whereof the arlate Cardis was Commander came to<br /> the sayd Spanish vessells upon the fifth of June last and was in company with<br /> them, but what discourse passed betwixt the sayd Cardis and the companye of the sayd<br /> Spanish vessells hee knoweth not, but saith that upon the sayd fifth of June the sayd<br /> Cardis with his Pinke and Pottash came into the sayd harbour of Birkery and<br /> the sayd Spanish vessells seeing him steere into harbour followed the same course<br /> and soe gott into harbour alsoe, whether being come, the sayd Cardis fired<br /> divers gunnes against the ''Eastland Marchant'', as alsoe did the other vessells<br /> which were Spanish, and the ''Eastland Marchant'' and her company did continue<br /> fight against the sayd Cardis and his Pinke and Pottash, and alsoe against the<br /> sayd Spanish vessells and the afternoone of the sayd fifth of June aforesayd they<br /> the sayd Cardis with his Pinke and Pottash and alsoe the other Spanish vessells<br /> receaved the fight with the ''Eastland Merchant'' and continued the same with<br /> her untill about eight a clock in the morning, at which tyme (being over<br /> =powered by the sayd Cardis and the Spanish vessells in company with him) the<br /> Company of the ''Eastland Merchant'' were forced to betake them selves to their<br /> boates, and leave their sayd shipp, which the sayd Cardis with his Pinke<br /> and Pottash aforesayd and with the assistance of the Spanish vessells aforesayd<br /> his confederates imediately seized upon, and the sayd Cardis and his sayd Confederates tooke the sayd shipp the ''Eastland''<br /> ''Merchant'' and all her ladeing togeather with her tacke and furniture and the cloathes<br /> materialls and instruments and Adventures of the Master and Mariners of her all which<br /> the sayd Cardis and company and his sayd confederates possessed them selves of<br /> And further saving his subsequent deposition hee cannot depose./ To the 4th article hee saith that the ''Eastland Merchant'' arlate was at the tyme<br /> of such her seizure a very stronge firme and good shipp and very well pro=<br /> vided with all manner of provisions and rigging and other necessaries fitt for her<br /> voyage and had in her twenty gunnes And the sayd shipp with her gunnes<br /> tackle furniture and provisions she havinge in her then nyne moneths provisions were worth at her seizure (in this deponents Judg=<br /> ment and estimate three thousand five hundred pounds sterling or thereabouts And hee this deponent<br /> being Boat swaine of her and thereby keeping the booke of entrie of all her<br /> ladeing knoweth that shee had alsoe in her at her seizure three thousand three<br /> hundred thirty seaven hydes and one hundred and fifty seaven sacks of flaxe<br /> and eighty chests of Incense and gummes and two bales of broadcloath, and [XXX GUTTER]<br /> bales of linnen cloath and Cammells hayre, and one and twenty sacks of<br /> Cotton yarne, and one sack of Sena, and twenty piggs of lead all which<br /> in this deponents Judgment and Estimate were well worth a very considerable value<br /> arlate but the particular summes and as hee beleeveth cannot specifie And saith that all the goods predeposed of were by meanes of the sayd<br /> seizure by meanes of the sayd<br /> seizure  +
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