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HCA 13/72 f.218v Annotate
First transcribed 15 October 2013  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 218  +
Parent volume HCA 13/72  +
Side Verso  +
Status Requires image; transcribed on 15/10/2013  +
Transcription John Welch was Captaine and alsoe the shipJohn Welch was Captaine and alsoe the shipp the ''Mary'' Interrogated whereof the Interrogate<br /> Nathaniell Stukely was Commander, and saith the ''Endeavour'' was of the burthen of<br /> fiftie tonnes and upwards and had belonging to her eight peeces of Ordnance at the tyme<br /> of her losse hereafter mentioned and that the ''Mary'' aforesayd at the tyme of her losse was of the burthen of about<br /> eighteene or twenty tonnes and had belonging to her fower peece of Ordinance and<br /> they were both plentifully furnished with all manner of provisions tacke apparell<br /> and furniture ?fitt for them and in particuler the ''Mary'' had two suites of sayles two<br /> Anchors two Cables and all other tackle and furniture necessary and the ''Endeavour'' had two<br /> suites of sayles three Anchors three Cables and all other things necessary at the<br /> tyme aforesayd And hee saith that in his this deponents Judgment the ''Endeavour''<br /> and her tackle Apparrell furniture gunnes provisions and amunition were at the tyme<br /> of her losse worth eight hundred pounds sterling and the ''Mary'' and her gunnes<br /> provisions amunition tackle apparrell and furniture were at her losse worth in this<br /> deponents Judgment two hundred pounds sterling and soe much at least hee beleeveth<br /> they stood their owners in upon their setting out The premisses hee deposeth<br /> being Boatswaine of the ''Indeavour'' and saying in her in company of the<br /> ''Mary'' aforesayd And further hee cannot answere/ To the 2 Interrogatorie hee saith the Interrogants William Rushley and Erasmus<br /> Bedlowe (both English men, and subiects of this Commonwealth) were the<br /> Owners of the sayd vessells and fitted furnished and sett them out upon<br /> the voyage in question wherein they were lost which was a warlike imployment<br /> by virtue of Letters of Marque from his highnesse the Lord Protector of<br /> England Scotland and Ireland and the dominions thereunto belongining for the takeing<br /> and seizeing the shipps and goods of the King of Spaine and his subiects this hee<br /> the better knoweth for that hee hath seene the sayd Letters of marque and heard<br /> them read at the Mast aboard the ''Endeavour'' at her first setting sale upon the sayd<br /> voyage./ To the 3 Interrogatorie hee saith that after the sayd two vessells sett sayle out of this<br /> Port of London the ''Mary'' proveing leakie when shee was at Sea shee and<br /> the ''Endeavour'' in Company went to the River of Bremer and came to a<br /> place there having the dominion of the King of Sweden on the one side and<br /> on the other the dominion of the duke of Oldenburgh both Princes in amity with<br /> this Commonwealth, whether the sayd vessells came in May one thousand sixe<br /> hundred fifty seaven this hee knoweth being boat swaine of the ''Endeavour''<br /> and on Company of the ''Mary.''/ To the 4th Interrogatorie hee saith hee well knoweth that some officers belonging to<br /> the Generall of the King of denmarks ffleete coming in sight of the ''Endeavour''<br /> and ''Mary'' with three of the King of denmarke's ffleete. commanded the sayd Welch<br /> Captaine of the ''Endeavour'' to come aboard them and hee accordingly went<br /> aboard them in his owne boate and carried his letter of marque and Commission with him, and (as<br /> hee related to this deponent and others of his Company at his returne aboard the<br /> ''Endeavour'') hee shewed the Generall his letters of Marque or Commission<br /> and that one of the danish Generalls Captaines<br /> did tell the sayd Welch that those his letters of Marque were good for<br /> nothing but to wipe his breeche with And further saving his subsequent<br /> deposition hee cannot answere./ To the 5theposition hee cannot answere./ To the 5th  +
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