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HCA 13/72 f.221r Annotate
First transcribed 16 October 2013  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 221  +
Parent volume HCA 13/72  +
Side Recto  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 16/10/2013  +
Transcription who went with him and also by some of the who went with him and also by some of the sayd dukes Counsell told, the sayd Welch shewed the sayd duke and his<br /> Councell his sayd letters of Marque and desyred their protection for him<br /> selfe his sayd shipps and their Companyes, but could gett noe protection graunted<br /> And saith that while the sayd Welch was gone to the duke and his Councell to<br /> procure protection. the Generall of the sanes ffleete came in a chariott by<br /> land and spake upon the shoare side to the Company of the ''Endeavour''<br /> ''ffrigott'' by his enterpreter and asked them for their Captaine and answere being by them returned<br /> that he was gone to Oldenburgh Citty the sayd Generall asked to speake with<br /> the foresayd Collins the Master of her and hee coming ashoare to the generall<br /> the generall by his enterpreter required the sayd Collins to surrender up<br /> the sayd shipps the ''Indeavour'' and ''Mary'' and to bring them downe the River<br /> to the place where his fleete laye, and sayd that his Captaine, Captaine<br /> Welch, when hee was his prisoner had promised him to deliver them<br /> to him, and the sayd Collins answered and sayd that hee had noe<br /> power to doe soe his Captaine being absent, and thereupon the Generall of the<br /> danes bid him send for his Captaine for hee was resolved to have<br /> the sayd shipps though it cost him fower hundred mens lives the takeing<br /> of them, and sayd that hee had soe many coming in smacks, and thereupon<br /> Peter ?Man?ce this deponents precontest boatswaine of the ''Endeavour'' was<br /> dispatched away to goe to the Captaine and acquainte him with what had happened<br /> and the sayd Generall departed and left his Interpreter to stay and bring<br /> the sayd Captaines answere, And the sayd Peter ?Man?ce mett the sayd<br /> Captaine Welch and brought him alonge with him and the sayd Welch<br /> being come the sayd Interpreter receaved answere from the sayd<br /> Welch that hee would not deliver the sayd shipps soe longe as hee and<br /> his men could fight or words to that effect All this hee deposeth being an<br /> eye and eare wittnesse thereof, And saith that the Interpreter being gone the sayd<br /> Welch came aboard and called this deponent and the rest of the officers of the<br /> ''Indeavour'' and consulted with them what was fitt for that the smacks which<br /> the generall spake of were then come in sight (as in deede they were), and<br /> hee as hee sayd could get noe protection from the duke of Oldenburgh,<br /> and upon the consultation had, hee spake to his Company to<br /> knowe whether they would fight in defence of the ''Indeavour'' and ''Mary'' but<br /> found them by the threates of the sayd generall soe discouraged that they feared<br /> if they should bee wounded in the conflict they should get now quarter and that<br /> they were therefore not willing to fight (at least not above three or fower of them)<br /> whereupon it was by the sayd Welch and his Officers (whereof this deponent<br /> was one) thought fitt that the ''Indeavour'' and ''Mary'' should be blowne up and<br /> soe the Company went a shoare and a trayne was layed and Peter [?Nance] the<br /> Boatswaine gave fyre to it and swoXX away and soe the sayd shipps (there<br /> being noe hope to escape their being forcibly taken by the danish generall)<br /> were upon or about the seaventh of July last accordingly blowne up And saith<br /> that one denbigh who was Steward and Wallis the mate of the ''Indeavour'' was after<br /> the sayd vessells were soe blowne up taken prisoner by the danes as they ?were pasiing in a dutch vessell<br /> along the River of Bremer to goe to hamburgh and soe home for England<br /> And they were as the sayd [?WXXXs] since his comeing to England told this deponent imprisoned at Gluckstate<br /> and kept in Irons where the sayd denbigh still remayneth And further hee cannot answere/ remayneth And further hee cannot answere/  +
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