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HCA 13/72 f.236r Annotate
First transcribed 1 October 2013  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 236  +
Parent volume HCA 13/72  +
Side Recto  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 01/10/2013  +
Transcription come to the side of the shipp the arlate Ccome to the side of the shipp the arlate Croford and Company did<br /> refuse to take it aboard for that the shipp was fully laden and soe full of goods<br /> that shee could not with any conveniencie carrie more whereupon the sayd sugars<br /> lay by the shipp side two dayes and a night and then the sayd Bellinger came him<br /> selfe aboard and asked the shipps Company why the sayd eight hogsheads<br /> of sugar were not taken aboard and some of the Company replyed in<br /> presence of this deponent and others of the shipps company that the shipp was allready soe incumbered with<br /> goods that they were faine to stowe their provisions and alsoe some goods betweene<br /> decks and that therefore they could not take them in or to that effect<br /> and told him that if they should take it a board they should clogg up their gunnes<br /> soe that they could not make use of them if they were sett upon by an enymye<br /> or if they mett with tempest at sea in their passage they must bee foreced to<br /> heave them over board which notwithstanding the sayd Bellinger desyred<br /> to speake with the Captaine the sayd Croford, and did speake with him, and<br /> earnestly pressed him to take them aboard and told him hee had promised<br /> him to carry them for him and the sayd Croford answered and sayd<br /> hee the sayd bellinger should then have sent them sooner for his shipp was<br /> soe full now that hee could not well take them in and that if hee did<br /> take them and that any stormie weather came or that hee should meete<br /> with an enymye hee must bee forced to heave them over board to cleere<br /> his gunnes for his necessary defence or in case of tempest to lighten his<br /> shipp they being last laden and next hand and easiest to be come at, to preserve<br /> his shipp and the rest of his ladeing and the sayd Bellinger answered<br /> and sayd lett them bee taken aboard and if yow bee by storme or enymyes<br /> necessitated to heave thm overboard I will beare the dammage or words<br /> to that effect And this discourse happened upon the deck and upon the<br /> quarter deck of the sayd shipp in presence of this deponent and his Contests<br /> Woodfall and Ceeley and of Nicholas Allen John Gillett William Jepson<br /> and others of the sayd shipps Company, upon which promise of the sayd<br /> Bellinger the sayd eight hogsheads were taken aboard and stowed betweene<br /> decks abaft the mast this hee knoweth for that hee helped alsoe to stowe<br /> the sayd hogsheads And further hee cannot depose/. To the 6th 7th and 8th hee saith that the sayd eight hogsheads being<br /> upon the promise and condition aforesayd shipped aboard the ''Gilbert'' shee<br /> departed therewith from the Barbados bound for London and in her course<br /> thither mett with extreame tempestious weather which began upon Christmas<br /> Eve at night Anno 1656 and continmued for three or fower dayes<br /> after with exceeding great violence in soe much that the shipp and their lives<br /> and ladeing would perish and thereupon by advise of the Master and his<br /> Mates and other the officers of the sayd shipp it was concluded that the shipp must of<br /> necessitie be lightned by casting over board some of the goods to preserve<br /> the rest and their lives, whereupon the sayd eight hogsheads of sugar being<br /> last laden and neerest hand to come by were throwne over board and they<br /> being cleered other goods as fustick and Cotton and other sugars which were alsoe<br /> stowed betweene decks were alsoe throwne overboard for the necessary preservation<br /> of the shipp and the rest of her ladeing and the lives of her Company and passengers<br /> [?And] Company and passengers<br /> [?And]  +
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