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HCA 13/72 f.239v Annotate
First transcribed 16 September 2013  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 239  +
Parent volume HCA 13/72  +
Side Verso  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 16/09/2013  +
Transcription shipp the ''Nicholas'' with all her goods shipp the ''Nicholas'' with all her goods wares and Merchandizes aboard her were<br /> seized by the ''Maidston ffrigott'' (a shipp in the imediate service of this Commonwealth<br /> whereof the arlate Captaine Adams was Commander) which ffrigott att the tyme of<br /> such her seizeing the ''Nicholas'' did beare the English Colours And further to this article<br /> hee cannot depose./ To the second article of the sayd allegation hee saith that being one of the Company of the<br /> ''Nicholas'' and on board her hee knoweth that before shee was seized and subdued the<br /> arlate Claes Johnson Captaine of the ''Nicholas'' and Company were haled by the foresayd Captaine Adams<br /> Commander of the sayd ffrigott and asked whense they came, and the sayd Claes<br /> Johnson him selfe answered and sayd from Curraso, (which is a place in the West<br /> Indoes in possession of the States of the United Netherlands) which this deponent knoweth<br /> was false for that he well knoweth shee came from Santo domingo in hispaniola [?whence GUTTER]<br /> this deponent came in her, and saith that the sayd Claes being Commmanded to come<br /> aboard the ''Maydeston ffrigott'' did refuse to goe, pretending that his boate would<br /> not holX the hoysteing over and the sayd Claes saying soe in broken English this deponent spake in English and told them [XXXXX] the sayd [XXXX XXXX XXX] caused his Ports to be opemed and put him[selfe GUTTER]<br /> and Company in a posture for fighting, but afterwards when the ffrigott<br /> came up close, ready provided to fall upon the sayd shipp the ''Nicholas'' and fight<br /> her, the sayd Claes called out to the Company of the ffrigott and told them that<br /> if they would hoiste out their boate hee would come aboard the ffrigott in that, and<br /> they hoiseting out their boate, hee went aboard therein, and being aboard the ffrigott<br /> this boate was sent back to fetch this deponent and saith hee heard some of the ''Nicholas''<br /> her company who were wounded, and afterwards healed by the Chirurgion of the<br /> ''Maydstone ffrigott'', saye, that Bernard Johnson the Master of the ''Nicholas'' and brother<br /> of the sayd Claes Johnson the Captaine and Commander of her, did stabb and wound<br /> them soe, because they refused to fight, And further to this article hee cannot depose To the 3 article of the sayd allegation hee saith for that hee was one of the<br /> Company of the ''Nicholas'' at her seizure and came in her from Santo domingo hee<br /> knoweth that shee came thense and there tooke in all her goods and ladeing [XXXX GUTTER]<br /> her, which goods hee saith hee well knoweth were are there laden by Spaniards except a parcell of Cackowe which was laded by and belonged to one Charles a dutch man and [XXXX GUTTER]<br /> were to be transported thence to Cadiz to which [lace the sayd shipp was in her<br /> course when shee was seized And her ladeing was (as hee verily beleeveth)<br /> all except the sayd Cackowe and peeces of eight and plate belonging to this deponent) consigned to Subiects of the King of Spaine, and belonged as gee beleeveth<br /> to Spaniards And further to this article hee cannot depose/ # [NOT CLEAR WHERE THIS MARGINAL TEXT SHOULD BE INSERTED IN MAIN TEXT] a Chest belonging to this deponent wherein were<br /> three hundred peeces of eight,<br /> and a peece of plate worth<br /> sixty peeces of eight or<br /> thereabouts To the 4th hee saith hee hath heard Claes Johnson aforesayd and Bernard<br /> Johnson his brother who is the same person that endeavoureth the recovery of the<br /> sayd shipp ''Nicholas'' severall tymes saye that the sayd shipp ''Nicholas'' did belonge to Cadiz<br /> in Spaine and that her owners were Inhabitants of Cadiz and hee alsoe heard<br /> one of the Company of the sayd shipp who as hee sayd came from Cadiz<br /> in her to Santo domingo saye that the sayd shipp belonged to his uncle who was an<br /> Inhabitant of Cadiz And hee hath alsoe heard the sayd Claes Johnson and Bernard<br /> Johnson saye that they were first made the one videlicet the sayd Claes Captaine or Com=<br /> mander of her and the sayd Bernard Johnson Master of her in Spaine And further<br /> saving his subsequent deposition hee cannot depose./ To the 5th 6th and 7th articles of the sayd allegation hee saith that hee this deponent<br /> within the tyme arlate was in the arlate shipp the ''John'' whereof the arlate [XXXX GUTTER]<br /> Gard was Master and was goeing in her from the Island of [?Terhudas] arlate [XX GUTTER]<br /> Christophersrlate [XX GUTTER]<br /> Christophers  +
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