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HCA 13/72 f.23r Annotate
First transcribed 16 February 2013  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 23  +
Parent volume HCA 13/72  +
People '''George Whillers''' '''29.''' Codex cha'''George Whillers''' '''29.''' Codex chartaceus, in folio, ff.350.<br /> THURLOE'S PAPERS, vol. xxix; Aug., Sep. 1655<br /> Printed in vol. III of BIRCH's Collection; with the following exceptions:- 11. Note from Geo. Robinson (under Martin Noell) to Thurloe accompanying intelligence from the Low Countries; London, 3 Aug. p.70. 31. Note from '''George Whillers''' to Thurloe: 14 Aug. p.278. 32. To the same from Richard Bateson; not dated. p.280."UNIQa50038a6cc07d635-ref-000010EC-QINU."UNIQa50038a6cc07d635-ref-000010EC-QINU  +
Side Recto  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 16/02/2013  +
Transcription To the second hee saith that hee hath knowTo the second hee saith that hee hath knowme the said Barbosa and<br /> Charon about thirteene yeares last, and otherwise hee referreth himselfe<br /> to his foregoeing deposition. To the third hee saith hee hath knowne the interrogated Edward Garcia from the<br /> time of the said lading, and saith hee is commonly reputed a native<br /> of Portugall, and otherwise referreth himselfe as aforesaid. To the fourth and fifth hee saith the said goods came out of the<br /> said Garcia's warehouse, and this deponent almost daily saw him<br /> while hee was soe at Bahia, and that hee himselfe and his man<br /> laded and caused the said goods to be laded aboard the said shipp. To the 6th hee cannot answer. To the 7th negatively. To the last hee cannot depose Repeated before doctor Godolphin.<br /> george Whillers [SIGNATURE, RH SIDE] ************************* The 12th of Aprill 1657: The claime of Manoel Garcia}<br /> aforesaid in the ''Nostra Seniora da}<br /> Rosario''. George Whiller Comander} Examined upon the foresaid Allegation. '''dt. Coronell.''' '''see the 1st in A18.''' '''2.''' '''George Whillers''' of Lisbone Merchant, aged about<br /> 28 yeeres sworne and Examined:/ To the first and second articles of the said Allegation and the schedule in the said<br /> second Article mentioned hee saith and deposeth that he well knewe and<br /> was Comander of the shipp the ''Nostra Seniora Da Rosario'' the voyage arlate<br /> and thereby Well knoweth that within the time arlate namely in or<br /> about the moneth of September 1650 there were at Bahia in Brazeele<br /> laden and put on board the said shipp by Edward Garcia da Bibar<br /> for account of the arlate Manuel Garcia of Lisbone Tenne Chests of<br /> White Sugar marked with the marke in the margent, To be transported<br /> in the said shipp to Lisbone and there to be delivered to the said<br /> Mannes Garcia, or to his ffactors or Agents for his use, And saith that<br /> upon the said Lading hee this deponent signed three bills of lading for the<br /> said Tenne Chests of white sugar before the departure of the said<br /> shipp from the bahia all of one Tenor and that the said schedule<br /> hereunto annexed was and is one of the said originall bills<br /> soe by him signed, and was and is signed with his this deponents owne<br /> hand, and that the Contents thereof were and are true, and soe had<br /> and done as therein is contained, and saith the were were not any<br /> other bills of any other Tenor signed for the said goods, and Lastly that the<br /> said Mannes Garcia, was and is the true and lawfull owner<br /> and Proprietor of the same Tenne Chests of Sugar:/. To the third hee saith hee well knoweth the arlate Edward Garsia, who hee<br /> saith was and is an Inhabitant of Bahia, and the said Manoes Garcia<br /> was and is an Inhabitant of Bahia, and are both of them subiects of the<br /> King of Portugall.ects of the<br /> King of Portugall.  +
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