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HCA 13/72 f.247v Annotate
First transcribed 19 September 2013  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 247  +
Parent volume HCA 13/72  +
People <u>Gregory Clements</u> <u>Captaine Plunkett</u> <u>John Tysoe</u>  +
Primary sources <u>TNA</u> '''Chancery''' C <u>TNA</u> '''Chancery''' C 5/21/25 Short title: Clement v Pyndar. Plaintiffs: Gregory Clement. Defendants: Matthew Pyndar, [unknown] Hill, and others. Subject: manor of Apley, Lincolnshire. Document type: bill, answer. 1655<br /> C 5/31/60 Short title: Heaveningham v Clement. Plaintiffs: William Heaveningham. Defendants: Gregory Clement. Subject: money matters. Document type: bill, demurrer. 1656 '''HCA''' HCA 30/840/90 Decree in Barthelemy DuBois, Maximilien Cambeir, Michel Pilott et al. v. Gregory Clements and Maximilian Thompson before Sir Nathaniel Brent and William Forth, doctors of law (ff. 214, 215)<br /> 1550-1650 '''PROB''' FOR CONTEXT PROB 4/635 Engrossed Inventories Exhibited from 1660. Carlile, Thomas, of St Lawrence, Jewry, London, Citizen and gunmaker. 15 July 1687 FOR CONTEXT PROB 4/9052 Engrossed Inventories Exhibited from 1660. Hardman, Matthew, of St. Buttolph without Algate, London, gunmaker. 19 January 1684 FOR CONTEXT PROB 4/19422 Engrossed Inventories Exhibited from 1660. Evetts, William, of the Libertie of the Tower of London, gunmaker. 30 May 1662 FOR CONTEXT PROB 5/630 Miscellaneous Inventories, Accounts, and Associated Documents. HARDMAN, Matthew, of St Botolph without Aldgate, London, gunmaker (includes commission) [Administration act: PROB 6/58]. 1683 [[MRP: Maurice Thomson will|PROB 11/351 Bence 55-108 Will of Maurice Thomson of Haversham, Buckinghamshire 09 May 1676]]<br /> PROB 11/369/468 Will of Nicholas Plunkett, Mariner of Kinsale, County Cork. 11 April 1682ner of Kinsale, County Cork. 11 April 1682  +
Side Verso  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 19/09/2013  +
Transcription schedules in the sayd articles mentioned hschedules in the sayd articles mentioned hee saith hee was present in Company<br /> with the arlate John Corbyn. Charles Mitchell and Mathew Clements at a<br /> house in the Burrough of Southwarke about three or fower moneths since<br /> and there heard the sayd Corbin Mitchell and Clements have some discourse touching<br /> certayne goods and Materialls by them formerly delivered to him the sayd Corbin<br /> or his order, by them the sayd Mitchell and Clements for the use of a shipp called<br /> the ''Roger and Edmond'' whereof the sayd Corbin was at the tyme of the delivery of<br /> the sayd goods Master, (being as this deponent beleeveth the same shipp ''Roger''<br /> ''and Edmond'' arlate) and the sayd Mitchell for the goods by him delivered did then<br /> demand of the sayd Corbin as Master of the sayd shipp the summe of forty sixe<br /> pounds nyneteene shillings, and the sayd Corbin did in this deponents presence<br /> acknowledge that hee had receaved powder and a gunne and carriage and<br /> other Commodities of the sayd Mitchell for the use of the sayd shipp to the<br /> value aforesayd And the sayd Clements did at the same tyme and place demand<br /> of the sayd Corbin the summe of five pounds tenn shillings five pence for the<br /> goods by him as aforesayd delivered to the sayd Corbin or his order for the use<br /> of the sayd shipp And the sayd Corbin did then alsoe before this deponent<br /> acknowledge that hee had receaved blocks and other materialls of the sayd<br /> Clements for the use of the sayd shipp amounting to five pounds tenn shillings<br /> sterling or thereabouts And further to these articles and to the two schedules in them<br /> mentioned hee cannot depose saveing hee beleeveth that the goods for which<br /> the sayd Mitchell and Clements then demanded money of the sayd Corbyn<br /> and which the sayd Corbin then acknowledged hee receaved for the use of the sayd shipp, were<br /> the goods in the sayd two schedules specified./ To the 4th hee saith hee referreth him selfe to the Registry of this Court<br /> and further cannot depose/ To the 5th hee cannot depose. To the last hee saith his foregoeing deposition is true./ Repeated before doctor Godolphin/ John Mitchell [SIGNATURE, RH SIDE] ****************** The first day of March 1657./ A business of examination of wittnesses on the)<br /> part and behalfe of Gregory Clements against)<br /> George Pryor and Robert South: Smith)<br /> Suckley) Examined on an allegation on the behalfe<br /> of Gregory Clements./ '''Smith dt. jus''' '''John Tysoe''' of the parish of Saint Catherine Coleman<br /> London Merchant aged fiftie two yeares or thereabouts<br /> a wittnesse sworne and examined saith and deposeth as<br /> followeth videlicet./ To the first article of the sayd allegation hee saith that in the yeares 1654<br /> the arlate shipp the ''discovery'' alias the ''Saint Jacob'' was by consent of the arlate<br /> George Pryor and Robert South sould unto the arlate Captaine Plunkett for<br /> fowerteene hundred pounds with condition (as hee beleeveth that the arlate<br /> Gregory Clements might on behalfe of him selfe and such others as her<br /> Owners as hee should thinke fitt hold a quarter part of the sayd shipp at<br /> that price And hee this deponent being a person imployed to keepe the<br /> Accomptsimployed to keepe the<br /> Accompts  +
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