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HCA 13/72 f.313v Annotate
First transcribed 23 November 2013  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 313  +
Parent volume HCA 13/72  +
Side Verso  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 23/11/2013  +
Transcription after the ladeing thereof hee did consigneafter the ladeing thereof hee did consigne to the arlate Rowland Ingram<br /> to bee laden aboard the sayd shipp the ''Industrie'' upon Tunnage which the<br /> sayd Gowen Painter affirmed hee had in the sayd shipp And saith that<br /> hee this deponent did agree with the sayd Painter to pay freight in<br /> England for the sayd forty pipes according to the rates agreed upon in<br /> the arlate Sydrack Blakes Charterparty (and to give to<br /> him the sayd Gowen Painter for his permission to lade the same in the sayd<br /> shipp upon his the sayd Painters tonnage forty Royalls per tonne over and<br /> above the freight due by Charterparty, and did accordingly pay the sayd Gowen<br /> Painter in the Island of Teneriff eight hundred Ryalls for the overplus<br /> freight money of the sayd twenty tunnes, And the sayd Sydrack<br /> Blake did the voyage in question by order of the sayd Painter receave<br /> into the sayd shipp the ''Industrie'' the sayd fforty pipes of wine consigned<br /> to the sayd Rowland Ingram and by order of the sayd Page to give this<br /> deponent bills of ladeing for the same at the rate agreed upon by<br /> Charterparty (which to the best of his now remembrance was five<br /> pounds per tonne) the sayd Painter having receaved the sayd 800 Ryalls<br /> overplus him selfe And further to this article hee cannot depose<br /> saving hee saith hee verily beleeveth that the tonnage the sayd Painter soe<br /> lett to him this deponent in the sayd shipp ''Industrie'' the sayd voyage<br /> was properly part of the tonnage taken in England in the<br /> sayd shipp by the arlate Mr Page./ ******************************** '''4''' The sayd '''Mr Arthur Ingram''' to the allegation given in on<br /> the behalfe of the sayd Blake in the third place and<br /> dated the eleventh day of ffebruary 1657./ [CENTRE HEADING] To the first second and third articles of the sayd allegation hee saith<br /> for that his residence in the Teneriffe was fifteene myles distant from<br /> the place where the ''Industrie'' laye the voyage in controversie and that<br /> hee seldome came to the place where shee lay and then tooke noe notice<br /> of any thing but what concerned his owne ladeing which was to goe<br /> aboard her hee cannot depose to those articles saving hee saith the shipp<br /> ''Industrie'' soe farr as hee hath heard and observed by her was a shipp<br /> of about two hundred Tonnes And saith that it is usuall for a<br /> shipp of that burthen to take in and stowe betwixt sixty and eighty<br /> pipes of wine in a day and cannot with conveniencie as hee beleeveth<br /> take in and stowe any more in a days tyme./ To the rest of the articles hee is not examined by direction of the producent To the Interrogatories./ [CENTRE HEADING] '''dt Smith''' To the first Interrogatorie hee saith hee came to testifie in this cause<br /> being soe required by Mr Webb one of the part owners of the shipp<br /> ''Industrie'' And to the rest of the Interrogatorie hee answereth negatively To the 2 hee saith hee knoweth the Interrogate don Christovall da Alverado<br /> And further to this Interrogatorie hee cannot answere knowing nothing nor remembring that hee hath<br /> heard any thing touching the contents thereof./ To the 3dtouching the contents thereof./ To the 3d  +
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