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HCA 13/72 f.340r Annotate
First transcribed 18 November 2013  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 340  +
Parent volume HCA 13/72  +
Side Recto  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 18/11/2013  +
Transcription with this deponent and his said brother anwith this deponent and his said brother and the wrong done them by him<br /> as aforesaid. And saith that this deponent and his said brother arrived<br /> with the said shipp ''Nicholas'' and new President at Santa domingo<br /> in May 1656 or thereabouts, namely on or about the fourth of May<br /> 1656 new stile, and when they soe came thither they found their<br /> said two shipps the ''Angell'' and ''Yellow Sunn'' sunck in the said<br /> port of Santa domingo, and made useles, having bin sunck and<br /> buried towards stopping the haven against the comming in of Generall<br /> Pens fleete, as the cause of such their sincking was there commonly<br /> reputed and declared, and saith that such sincking and spoiling<br /> of their said shipps happened in their absence, and after they were sent<br /> away prisoners as aforesaid from Santa domingo for Spaine. To the seaventh article and schedule hee saith and deposeth that soone after<br /> the arrivall of this deponent and his said brother at Santa domingo<br /> with the said shipp ''Nicholas'', they finding their said two<br /> other shipps for which they came soe destroyed and sunck, and noe<br /> likelihood of getting any speedie satisfaction for the same, they<br /> tooke twelve of the guns which had bin belonging to their said two<br /> other shipps, and with the said Presidents consent mounted<br /> them alsoe aboard or upon the said shipp ''Nicholas'', and fitted her,<br /> and with the permission of the said President or Governour they<br /> tooke a freight from Santa domingo for Cadiz, whereunto the said<br /> President the more readily condescended in regard hee could not<br /> make them speedie satisfaction for their shipps and goods as hee declared,<br /> And saith that upon the said affreightment there were at Santa domingo<br /> laded aboard the said shipp ''Nicholas'' for Cadiz in the monethes of<br /> September, October and November (or thereabouts) 1656 the severall<br /> goods and upon the severall freights rates [?indicated] And hereafter<br /> following (saving that his bookes and papers being taken from him<br /> by the ''Maidstone frigot'', hee is not certaine but there may be<br /> more bull hides and fewer cowhides, or more cow hides and fewer<br /> bull hides, but for the number of hides bull and cow hides together<br /> hee beleeveth them to be as followeth within tenn or twelve hides<br /> more or lesse in the whole) videlicet 4200 bull hides at 14 Royalls per hide for freight cometh to 7350 Peeces of 8. 1500 young bull hides at tenn Ryalls per hide cometh to 1875 Peeces of 8. 650 cow hides at 9 Rs per hide cometh to 0731 1/4 Peeces of 8. 184 potaccoes of varinas tobaccoe weighing one and twenty}<br /> thousand pounds at 8 peeces of 8 per cent. cometh to) 1680 Peeces of 8. for the [?marine] or primage of the said tobaccoe at eight}<br /> pounds in every hundred pounds weight, is 1680 pounds)<br /> valewed at 8 Rs per pound amounteth to} 1680 Peeces of 8. 2500 Mou[?o]vckes of tobaccoe, 900 pouns}<br /> of tobaccoe in rolls, a parcell of cassia}<br /> fistula, a parcell of ginger, some chests}<br /> and packs.}<br /> for the freight of which goods it was agreed for} 0700 Peeces of 8. 22 peeces of cowes hides tanned at 4 Rs per peece}<br /> amounteth to} 0011 Peeces of 8. 180 cargo's of cacoa at 4 peeces of eight 1/2 amounteth to 0810 Peeces of 8. for the ma[?rine] or primage of the said cacoa at foure<br /> pounds weight per cent. is 540 pounds weightm, at 5 Rs}<br /> per pound amounteth to} 0337 Peeces of 8. <u>15174 3/4 Peeces of 8.</u> for the passage of don Joseph peeces of eight 50<br /> of Charles the Irishman 25 Peeces of 8.<br /> the ffrench woman and her daughter 36 Peeces of 8.<br /> Peter Mendoza and his diet 80 Peeces of 8.<br /> [XXXXX BOTTOM GUTTER]es of 8.<br /> [XXXXX BOTTOM GUTTER]  +
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