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HCA 13/72 f.4r Annotate
First transcribed 6 February 2013  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 4  +
Parent volume HCA 13/72  +
Side Recto  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 06/02/2013  +
Transcription what hee hath predeposed, To which hee refwhat hee hath predeposed, To which hee referreth himselfe To the 5th hee referreth himselfe to his producent deposition, saying hee hath<br /> knowne the parties interrate by correspondence as aforesaid for ten<br /> yeares last past and upwards, during all which time they have lived<br /> at Roane and otherwise negatively, saving the said Bequin is a Native<br /> of ffrance To the 6th hee referreth himselfe to his foregoeing deposition, And otherwise<br /> negatively. To the 7th hee doeth not know nor beleeve that any Ensurance hath<br /> bin made of or for the said goods./ Repeated before the Judges in Court./ francis Pardinj SIGNATURE, RH SIDE ****************************** The 11th day of March 1656:- '''2us.'''/ '''Nicholas de Ferrari''' of London Merchant aged<br /> 56. yeares or thereabouts a Wittnesse sworne and<br /> examined upon the said Allegation To the first and 2d Articles of the said Allegation hee saith, That the arlate Lewis<br /> Scarletti one of the producents in this cause hath for the space of six<br /> yeares last past and upwards thereabouts lived at Lisborne in Portugall in the<br /> quality of a Merchant stranger, being a Native of fflorence in Tuscany<br /> and soe commonly accompted reputed and taken to bee amongst all Italian<br /> Merchants to whom hee is knowne, this deponent in that time having seene<br /> and perused severall letters signed by the said Scarletti in his way of<br /> trade and correspondence with severall Merchants, and being well<br /> acquainted with the usuall marke which hee useth to putt upon goods '''LS, IN HEART, WITH CROSS''' [FIRST MARKE, LH MARGIN] and merchandises by him sent abroad and adventured upon his owne<br /> accompt, which hee saith was and is the first marke in the margent,<br /> the letters therein expressed being the initiall letters of the name and<br /> surname of the said Lewis Scarletti; And saith that by the like meanes<br /> as by him predeposed hee this deponent hath credibly and constantly<br /> understood and beene informed, That the arlate Antonio Maria da<br /> Conte was and is a Genoese merchant, and hath lived as a Merchant<br /> stranger at Lisborne aforesaid for or by the space of five or six yeares<br /> last past, soe farr as this deponent hath observed by sight and perusall of<br /> severall letters of the said Anthonio Maria da Conte in his way<br /> of negotiation and by proofes to that purpose formerly made in this Court and hath severall times senne and observed goods to him '''AM, WITH 4 & C''' [SECOND MARKE, LH MARGIN] belonging, being marked with the second marke in the Margent, the<br /> letters therein described being alsoe the initiall letters of the name of<br /> the said Anthonio Maria da Conte. hee further saith, That the<br /> arlate Gregorio Diaz, is and hath beene for and during all the time<br /> predeposed by this deponents observation of letters of Correspondence sent<br /> and subscribed by him the said Diaz, and by common reputation amongst<br /> Portuguese Merchants, a Merchant of Lisborne as aforesaid, and<br /> a Subject of the Crowne of Portugall, this deponent having alsoe severall '''GD, WITH 4''' [THIRD MARKE, LH MARGIN] times seene the marke of the said Gregorie Diaz upon goods and<br /> merchandises to him appertaining, conforme to the third marke in theaining, conforme to the third marke in the  +
Transcription image [[File:IMG_121_11_4335.JPG|thumbnail|800px|none|link=Special:TranscriptionInterface/IMG_121_11_4335.JPG|[[:HCA 13/72|HCA 13/72]] f.4r: Right click on image for full size image in separate window  +
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