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HCA 13/72 f.51r Annotate
First transcribed 28 February 2013  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 51  +
Parent volume HCA 13/72  +
Side Recto  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 28/02/2013  +
Transcription '''A.4.''' The six and twentieth of May 1'''A.4.''' The six and twentieth of May 1657. Betts and Company ágainst Davies}<br /> and company. Smith. Cheeke.} Exámined upon an allegation given in on the behalfe of<br /> the said Davies and others. '''dt. Cheeke. .j:''' '''Thomas Johnson''' of Rotterdam Mariner, aged 40 yeeres<br /> or thereabouts sworne and exámined. To the first árticle hee saith that hee this deponent was aboard the<br /> shipp the ''Prinse'' arlate and was boatswaine of her when shee came to an anchor<br /> neere the chaine against Saint Catherines about eight weekes since, at which<br /> time her master and company moored her in a safe and convenient place<br /> (where shipps are usually moored and lie at anchor) free and cleare of the<br /> moorings of the shipp the ''White Lilly'', soe that the ''Prinse'' remained fast<br /> and well moored, never touching the ''White lilly'' in tenn or twelve dayes<br /> space after such her first comming to an anchor there, which hee knoweth being<br /> continually aboard her the said shipp ''Prinse''. To the second árticle hee saith that in the River of Thames it is usuall<br /> for shipps comming to anchor to moore and lie with their cables crosse and<br /> athwart each other, and that such cables by soe lying crosse or athwart<br /> doe not use to receive any dammage thereby, but the shipps lie notwithstanding<br /> safe and free from hurt, which hee knoweth having frequented the said River<br /> as a Mariner. To the third árticle hee saith that when there are very many shipps<br /> at once in the River of Thames, they are necessitated to ride and lie neere<br /> each other, whereby they are alsoe necessitated to lie with their cables frequently<br /> athwart or crosse each others cables, any by that meanes upon turning of<br /> the tide they are apt to come aboard each other, in which cases the companies<br /> ought to be watchfull and diligent to cleare their shipps, and prevent such<br /> dammage as might befall their shipps by such comming aboard each other. To the fourth hee saith that in all the time that the said shipps the<br /> ''Prinse'' and the ''White lilly'' lay together, they never came fowle of or<br /> touched each other but once, (and that was about tenn or twelve dayes<br /> after the ''Prinses'' first comming there to an anchor, and that when they<br /> soe touched each other, it was only that the bolt spritt of the ''white''<br /> ''lilly'' came against the steme of the ''Prinse'', wherein hee saith the ''white''<br /> ''lilly'' received noe hurt, save only the breaking of her Jack staffe, which<br /> in his estimation was not worth above six pence, and saith that when the<br /> bolt spritt of the ''white lilly'' came against the ''Prinses'' sterne, the ''Prinses''<br /> company hasted to her sterne, and with their hands, put off the said bolt spritt<br /> without hurting the same, which hee knoweth being all the while aboard the<br /> ''Prinse'', and seeing the premisses, and helping soe to cleare the said bolt spritt. To the fifth hee saith that it was upon the turning of the tide when the<br /> ''White lillies'' bolt spritt came against the sterne of the ''Prinse'', and was alsoe<br /> upon the turning of the shipps, at which times shipps companies ought to<br /> be carefull and diligent in veering their cables to shift their shipps shipps<br /> and prevent comming fowle of each other; And saith that when the bolt spritt<br /> of the ''Lilly'' came against the sterne of the ''Prinse'', the ''white''<br /> ''Lillies'' companie might easily in his iudgement have prevented the<br /> same, with beering two or three fathom of their cable, which they might<br /> and ought to have donne, and further that it was not the fault of the<br /> shipp ''Prinse'' or company that the ''lillies'' bolt spritt came against her sterne, And<br /> otherwise hee deposeth not. To the 6th hee saith it is usuall for shipps riding at anchor in the river on<br /> weeke dayes to take downe their Jack staves, because the same are apt to<br /> [have GUTTER] same are apt to<br /> [have GUTTER]  +
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