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HCA 13/72 f.59r Annotate
First transcribed 4 March 2013  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 59  +
Parent volume HCA 13/72  +
Side Recto  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 04/03/2013  +
Transcription 30th June 1657. On the behalfe of Thomas 30th June 1657. On the behalfe of Thomas Sherwill of}<br /> London and henry Crew of dartmouth}<br /> touching a losse in the shipp the ''Suckley''.} '''Rp. .1.''' '''Charles Pullen''' of East Cowes in the Ile of<br /> Wight Marriner, aged 34 yeeres or<br /> thereabouts sworne and exámined before the<br /> right Worshippfull John Godolphin doctor of lawes<br /> one of the Judges of the high Court of the<br /> Admiraltie saith upon certayne<br /> Interrogatories ministred on the behalfe of the said<br /> Thomas Sherwill and henry Crew saith as followeth To the first and second Interrogatories hee saith and deposeth that hee well knew<br /> the shipp the ''Suckley'' or ''Suckling'' interrogated whereof one Thomas Wells<br /> was Commander, at the time of her last being at ffalmouth and ffoy<br /> and the places thereabouts, And saith that on or about the thirtieth day<br /> of November last past the said shipp or vessell departed on warfare from<br /> ffoy, and came from ffalmouth to ffoy about a weeke before.<br /> which hee knoweth because hee this deponent was then lieutenant of her<br /> and went the said voyage in her from ffalmouth to ffoy and thense to sea<br /> , And saith the producents Thomas Sherwill and<br /> henry Crew were then reputed part owners of the said vessell, and this<br /> deponent hath since seene bills of sale declaring such their ownershipp<br /> namely the said Crew of a halfe and the said Sherwill a quarter part owner. To the third and fourth Interrogatories hee saith that whilest the said<br /> shipp was in prosecution of her said voyage the said Thomas Wells her<br /> Captaine, having gotten most of the company into his confederacie,<br /> did with their aide and assistanse surprize and seize the rest of the<br /> said company by force of armes, and bound some of them (whereof this<br /> deponent was one) with match, and locked up others of them and kept<br /> guard upon and over them with swords and pistolls, and then voluntarily carried them<br /> in the said shipp to Saint Antonio's in Biscay in the dominions of the<br /> king of Spaine, and saith the said seizure began and was made about<br /> two leagues off the said port of Saint Antonio on or about the five<br /> and twentieth of ffebruary last, and the same day the said Wells and<br /> confederates carried the said vessell and this deponent and the rest of<br /> the surprized persons into the said port of Saint Antonio. And<br /> saith the said Wells both at the time of the said seizure and of the<br /> said bringing in to Saint Antonio's, declared himselfe for the king of<br /> Scotts, and ashore at Saint Antonios, this deponent sawe him produce<br /> and shew to the Alcolde there, a writing in parchment, which as hee<br /> said was a Commission signed by the duke of yorke to imploy the said<br /> shipp in the said king of Scots service, but this deponent did not<br /> reade the said Commission or see the said subscription signing. And<br /> saith the Spaniards after bringing the said shipp soe as aforesaid to<br /> Saint Antonio's, tooke and carried her to Saint Anderes, and this deponent<br /> being after at Saint Sebastians, heard that shee were duely expected at<br /> Passage. Soe that the said shipp was and is wholly lost to her owners<br /> and the said Sherwill and Crew as hee saith have by the premisses<br /> utterly lost their shares in the said shipp tackle and furniture, All<br /> 5which hee knoweth for the reasons aforeasid. Charles Pullen. [SIGNATURE, RH SIDE]sid. Charles Pullen. [SIGNATURE, RH SIDE]  +
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