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HCA 13/72 f.68v Annotate
First transcribed 13 March 5  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 68  +
Parent volume HCA 13/72  +
Side Verso  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 05/03/2013  +
Transcription To the fourth hee saith it is very publiquTo the fourth hee saith it is very publique and notorious and<br /> very true that notwithstanding the warrs to betweene Spaine and<br /> Portugall, the subiects of the king of Spaine have and doe by license<br /> as aforesaid goe and carry goods from the Spanish west Indies to<br /> Angola, and trade there, and the subiects of the king of Portugall<br /> goe and carry goods from Angola to the Spanish West Indies and<br /> trade there, and that very frequently and securely, obtaining in the<br /> first place license in that behalfe, which for a summe of money<br /> is easily and frequently gained and gotten, and that the said subiects<br /> of Portugall have and doe and may by vertue of their<br /> licenses goe and carry the procede of their goods brought from<br /> Angola to Cartagena to any other the dominions of the kinge of<br /> Spaine and there dispose thereof and freely trade, and this hee<br /> saith is usuall and common, notwithstanding the said warrs. To the fifth hee saith that for all the time interrogated<br /> any subiect of the king of Portugall might safely bringe his<br /> goods from Cartagena or other part of the Spanish west Indies<br /> unto Saint Lucars, or Cadiz or Saint Sebastians, in the dominions of<br /> the king of Spaine, (having first obtained license as aforesaid<br /> which is frequently and easily graunted) without any danger of<br /> confiscation. And otherwise hee referreth himselfe to his foregoeing deposition. To the sixth hee saith that the license or Permission of the Governour<br /> of Angola graunted to a Portugall subiect to goe in a permission<br /> shipp to Cartagena and trade there, is not a warrant to the said<br /> Portugall subiect to lade goods at Cartagena and carry them<br /> to other parts of the king of Spaine in Europe, but hee must and<br /> of course carries goods in them for Spaine, is then a Permission shipp<br /> and soe generally knowne, though hee bee a subiect at Portugall. To the seaventh hee saith the said shipp the ''Virgin Mary and''<br /> ''All Saints'' of Cartagena came from Saint Lucar or Cadiz under the<br /> conduct of don diago da Gasta to Cartagena, where hee this<br /> deponent brought her, and came not from Angola, and that shee<br /> is a Permission shipp, and soe are all the shipps trading betweene<br /> Spaine and Cartagena, being bound to have particular licenses<br /> to goe from one of those places to the other. To the eighth hee saith that the interrate Antonio Martino de Messa<br /> had equall power with this deponent as touching the freight and<br /> merchandize of the said shipp, but not in the navigating of her for<br /> that hee this deponent had sole command of her therein, and<br /> that this deponent or his Purser signed all the bills of lading, and none were<br /> signed by the said da Messa, And saith there were only two bills<br /> signed (and were both of one tenor) for all the said goods claimed,<br /> notwithstanding that there are three severall markes, which<br /> markes they had when the said producent bought the, and had<br /> laded them under the same markes hee bought them with as is<br /> often donne as hee saith. And further hee cannot depose, saving<br /> as aforesaid. To the nineth hee saith hee sawe both the said bills of lading in<br /> the hands and custodie of the said producent after such his imbarking<br /> himselfe in the said shipp for Spaine, and that hee the producent tooke one of<br /> them and put it into his chest, and delivered the other to another friend<br /> thate other to another friend<br /> that  +
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