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HCA 13/72 f.91v Annotate
First transcribed 13 May 2013  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 91  +
Parent volume HCA 13/72  +
People <u>Humphrey Holcombe </u> <<u>Humphrey Holcombe </u> <u>Caleb Veren/Veron</u> * "Lawrentius Cruitsen" of Larwick in Norway, mariner, aged 48, deposed in 1667 that he was Master of the ''Norway merchant'', and that the ship "before the war" used to bring deales and timbers from Norway for Caleb Veren and Robert Walker. Veren and Walker are described as "wood merchants", both known to Cruitsen for the last sixteen years. Cruitsen states that they have "driven a trade and commerce from this port of London to the parts of Norway, and to be Englishmen, and subiects of his Majesty of England"UNIQ19db3a2a62680f9f-ref-000010AB-QINU <br /> * The deponent Bow Berickson of Larwick in Norway, Master of the ''Angell Gabriell'', stated in his deposition that he had known Caleb Veren for thirty years and Robert Walker for twelve or fourteen yearsUNIQ19db3a2a62680f9f-ref-000010AE-QINU <br /> * The deponent Bow Bartelson of Larwick in Norway, aged 47, stated in his deposition that Veren and Walker were wood merchants and "considerable traders in Commodetyes of y:e Growth of Norway"UNIQ19db3a2a62680f9f-ref-000010B1-QINUy"UNIQ19db3a2a62680f9f-ref-000010B1-QINU  +
Primary sources '''CSPD''' * "1653. March 11. Council of '''CSPD''' * "1653. March 11. Council of State. Day's Proceedings. <br /> 1, 12. The petitions of Wm. Warren and Caleb Veren ; and of Fras. Habinica, referred to the Admiralty Committee."UNIQ19db3a2a62680f9f-ref-000010B4-QINU <u>Caleb Veren/Veron</u> '''London Metropolitan Archives''' (Formerly City of London Corporation Record Office) Corporation of London Records Office: Orphans' Inventories CLA/002/02 c.1600-1773: Rolled Inventories CLA/002/02/01 c.1600-1760: Veren, Caleb, citizen and haberdasher CLA/002/02/01/1055 1662 - 1677UNIQ19db3a2a62680f9f-ref-000010B7-QINU '''TNA''' <u>Chancery</u> C 6/28/68 Short title: Rich v Veren. Plaintiffs: Peter Rich. Defendants: Caleb Veren. Subject: money matters, Middlesex. Document type: answer only. 1666 C 6/214/51 Short title: Michells v Hickman. Plaintiffs: Hannah Michells and Robert Niblett. Defendants: William Hickman and Katherine Veren widow. Subject: property in Southwark, Surrey. Document type: bill, two answers, schedule. 1675 <u>QUESTION:</u> Does the property refer to Caleb Veren's (and ?Robert Walker's) presumed timber yard in Southwarke? C 10/166/66 Susannah Lesquire widow and Scipio Lesquire v Sir John Trevor knight, Caleb Veren and Elizabeth Lesquire widow: personal estate of Scipio Lesquire, deceased, Middlesex. Bill and four answers. 1672 <u>PROB</u> PROB 11/153/353 Will of Richard Veron, Haberdasher of Christ Church, City of London. 24 March 1628 PROB 11/347/128 Will of Caleb Veren, Haberdasher of Saint Mary Magdalen Bermondsey, Surrey. 03 February 1675 PROB 11/454/66 Will of Katherine or Catherina Veren, Widow of Saint Mary Magdalen Bermondsey, Surrey. 09 January 1700 <u>Humphrey Holcombe </u> PROB 11/420/265 Will of Humphrey Holcombe, Merchant of London. 05 June 1694 <u>Robert Walker</u> PROB 11/341/284 Will of Robert Walker, Merchant of Saint Mary Magdalene Bermondsey, Surrey. 21 February 1673 - Probably the will of Caleb Veren's partner in the importing of Norwegian timber <u>Phillipp ffarewell</u> PROB 11/402/122 Will of Phillipp Farewell, Mariner of Saint Paul Shadwell, Middlesex. 12 November 1690Paul Shadwell, Middlesex. 12 November 1690  +
Secondary sources Tveite, Stein, ''Engelsk-norsk Trelasthandel, 1640-1710: With an English Summary'' (XXXX, 1961) - English/Norwegian timber trade in mid to late C17th  +
Side Verso  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 13/05/2013  +
Transcription The 12th of October 1657. On behalfe of tThe 12th of October 1657. On behalfe of the Assurers<br /> in the ''Peter''. '''Daniel Edwards''' of London Merchant, aged 42 yeeres or<br /> thereabouts sworne before the right worshipfull John Godolphin<br /> Doctor of Lawes, one of the Judges of the high Court<br /> of the Admiraltie and examined upon Interrogatories ministred<br /> on the behalfe of humphrey holcombe and concerning a losse<br /> in the ''Saint Peter'', saith as followeth. To the first and second Interrogatories and to the letter therein mentioned now<br /> showd unto him, hee saith and deposeth That hee well knoweth<br /> and owneth the said letter, and perceiveth by a note (written with his owne<br /> hand) on the back of the same, that hee this examinate (to whom the<br /> same was directed and sent) gave answer thereunto upon the second<br /> day of May 1656, and saith hee received the said letter on the same<br /> second day of May 1656, and presently after receiving thereof writ his said answer And saith that some few dayes after the<br /> receipt of the said letter hee this deponent did upon the exchange<br /> publish and say that some shipps were taken in their voyages from<br /> Smirna to Venice by the Tripoli man of Warr, and<br /> that such his declaration was then made, and that hee showed the said letter to Captaine<br /> Thomas Roberts and mr Philipp ffarewell, but to whom els or the<br /> precise time hee doth not remember./ Repeated before Doctor Godolphin. p mr Daniell Edwards [SIGNATURE, RH SIDE] *********************************** The 14th of October 1657. Touching the ''Little<br /> Lyon''. '''Paul Heyn''' of Christiansand in Norway Mariner<br /> Master of the shipp called the ''Little Lyon'' now of London,<br /> aged 43 yeares or thereabouts and '''Thomas hanson''' of the same Mariner, Stiersman<br /> of the same vessell aged 24 yeares or thereabouts<br /> sworne before the right Worshipfull John Godolphin<br /> Doctor of Lawes, one of the Judges of the high court<br /> of the Admiraltie saith and depose respectively That the said shipp the ''Little Lyon'' is now an English shipp<br /> and belonging to this port of London, and that Caleb veren<br /> of the parish of Saint Saviours in Southwarke Merchant,<br /> Robert Walker of the same parish Marchant, Pha[XXXXX ffXXXXXXX]<br /> Citizen and Grocer of London, and Anthony Rowles of London<br /> Pewterer, all English men and subiects of this Commonwealth<br /> are the true, lawfull and reall owners of the said shipp, tackle, ap[urtenances GUTTER]<br /> and furniture, and bought the same about a fortnight of this XX<br /> since for a valewable summe of money of this deponent<br /> Paul Heyn who had Sufficient authoritie and power to sell<br /> her unto them. Thomas hansson [SIGNATURE, RH SIDE] The marke of Paul [MARKE] heyn [MARKE, RH SIDE]arke of Paul [MARKE] heyn [MARKE, RH SIDE]  +
Transcription image [[File:IMG_121_11_4510.JPG|thumbnail|800px|none|link=Special:TranscriptionInterface/IMG_121_11_4510.JPG|[[:HCA 13/72|HCA 13/72]] f.91v: Right click on image for full size image in separate window  +
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