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HCA 13/72 f.95r Annotate
First transcribed 18 February 2013  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 95  +
Parent volume HCA 13/72  +
Side Recto  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 18/02/2013  +
Transcription The second of November 1657. humphreyes aThe second of November 1657. humphreyes and others ágainst the ''Willing Minde''}<br /> and against da Grates and other.} Exámined upon the allegation given<br /> in on behalfe of the said de Grates<br /> and others. '''Row dt.''' '''.4.''' '''Oliver Masson''' of henboure in ffrance<br /> Mariner, aged 36 yeeres or thereabouts sworne<br /> and exámined. To the first second and third árticles of the said allegation, and to<br /> the schedule mentioned in the said second article hee saith and deposeth<br /> that hee well knoweth the vessell called the Hellena arlate and since<br /> (as hee hath understood) called the Willing Minde, and hath credibly<br /> heard and beleeveth that shee was taken by the arlate Captaine<br /> William da Bois-Hardy Sieur de la fforrest, a ffrenchman and<br /> subiect of the king of ffrance (whom this deponent alsoe well knoweth)<br /> from the Spaniards and brought into ffrance and condemned as is<br /> arlate for prize, and saith hee this exáminate formerly tooke out<br /> another copie of the originall of the paper mentioned in the said second<br /> article, being the adiudication of the said vessell, and saw the Greffier<br /> write the same from the originall, and verily beleeveth this to be alsoe<br /> a true copie, And well knew the arlate John Yvonn da ffebure<br /> Greffier of Auray, of whom this deponent saw make the foresaid<br /> copie that hee saw excerpted. And further deposeth that hee alsoe well knoweth the<br /> arlate William da Grats John Cherel and John Briart, who<br /> were and are commonly said and reputed to have bought the said<br /> vessell with her lading of iron after such adiudication or condemnation<br /> thereof for prize for the summe of six thousand six hundred pounds<br /> Livers Tournois. And otherwise hee cannot depose. To the fourth hee referreth him selfe to the paper therein mentioned and<br /> beleeveth the same to be true and otherwise cannot depose, saving as<br /> aforesaid. To the fifth, 6 and seaventh articles hee saith and deposeth that after such<br /> buying of the said shipp the ''Santa hellen'' by the said da [?Groots] and<br /> company aforesaid, namely in or about the moneth of October<br /> 1643 (about three monethes after the adiudication aforeaid) being<br /> in possession of the said vessell, put and constituted this deponent<br /> master of her, and hee then entred master upon her at Port Lewes<br /> in Bretany to goe thense to Rochell, and other parts on the coast<br /> of ffrance and thereabouts in the imployment of the said owners<br /> thereof, and after theis deponent had bin thirteene monethes or<br /> thereabouts master of her under the said owners da Grats, Cherell<br /> and Briart, and made them severall retournes therewith, (shee<br /> being freighted and imployed from L'une to L'une in their owne<br /> immediate [?XXXXX] and merchandizing) hee this deponent<br /> left her and then the said owners put one Salomon du Ponte<br /> master of her, and hee continued master of her alwaies after till<br /> her comming for England and was (as this deponent hath bin<br /> informed) arrested at Bristol, and saith the sad du Ponte and<br /> this deponent were and are subiects of the king of ffrance,<br /> and saith the said owners put three peeces of [?XXXX] or [?XXXXX] intot three peeces of [?XXXX] or [?XXXXX] into  +
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