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HCA 13/73 f.139v Annotate
First transcribed 31 December 2013  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 139  +
Parent volume HCA 13/73  +
Side Verso  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 31/12/2013  +
Transcription To the seaventh hee sith that when hee camTo the seaventh hee sith that when hee came first aboard her as aforesaid<br /> there was, wine, [?linnens], pepper, and other [??spicerie] hatts, [XXXX GUTTER]<br /> and other goods aboard her, being of her outward cargo, and saith hee is<br /> soe farr from beleeving that the said shipp came with the said goods from<br /> holland, that it was commonly said shee came from Spaine, and soe hee<br /> beleeveth, and saith the said outwards ladingbeing taken out and disposed of in the<br /> said Indies, there were there taken into her Indico, hides, sassaperilla<br /> and some few other things, And otherwise hee referreth himselfe to his former<br /> deposition. To the eighth hee saith that when the said shipp under saile was<br /> neere Lundy Iland this deponent descried two other shipps under saile<br /> but what they were, or what colours they carried hee could not discerne<br /> nor did they make after the ''Hope'' that hee could perceive. And further<br /> hee cannot answer. To the nineth hee saith that upon sight of the said two shipps, hee<br /> saw the said John Lopez take papers written tearing them and then [?wrap] them up together<br /> and throw them out<br /> at a window or hole of his cabbin into the sea, but the contents hee cannot<br /> speake of, not knowing as aforesaid to write or reade, and saith there<br /> was none other then present but the said Juan lopez and this deponent<br /> And further hee cannot answer. To the tenth hee saith that both at Truxilla and honduras hee went<br /> ashore to fetch wood and water aboard the said shipp, and staid<br /> not longer than while the boate was therewith laded, and then retourned aboard,<br /> And saith that the said John lopez was alsoe the Merchant (aswell as<br /> Captaine) and both sold and bartered away the said outwards goods,<br /> and bought and procured and laded the said homewards cargo. And<br /> further saving as aforesaid hee cannot depose. To the eleaventh hee saith hee was not at Trinidad with the ''Hope'' nor<br /> saw her there, And otherwise as aforesaid hee cannot answer<br /> saving negatively for his part. To the twelveth hee saith hee was the first (as hee beleeveth) that gave<br /> notice to English officers at Milford that the said shipp came from the Spanish<br /> West Indies, and did it because the Spaniards aboard had beaten<br /> and very evilly [?en]treated him aboard the said shipp the said voyage, and<br /> saith hee threatened them to be quit with them therefore or to that effect<br /> And further deposeth not. To the last hee saith the Commissioners for prize goods have provided<br /> him of lodging, and gave him now and then a shilling, to beare his charges,<br /> which hee himselfe desyreth, and not otherwise nor gave him any clothes<br /> nor hath hee received any from them, nor expecteth ought from them<br /> or from any theough the shipp and lading become prize. Repeated before Collonell Cock. The mark of Simon Tomson<br /> '''X''' Bleau [MARKE, RH SIDE]lt;br /> '''X''' Bleau [MARKE, RH SIDE]  +
Transcription image [[File:P1120113.JPG|thumbnail|800px|none|link=Special:TranscriptionInterface/P1120113.JPG|[[:HCA 13/73|HCA 13/73]] f.139v: Right click on image for full size image in separate window  +
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