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HCA 13/73 f.147v Annotate
First transcribed 31 December 2013  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 147  +
Parent volume HCA 13/73  +
Side Verso  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 31/12/2013  +
Transcription To the eighth article hee saith and deposeTo the eighth article hee saith and deposeth That the said John Mollar<br /> the said time at Santa Cruse hired and caused to be taken aboard fourteene Spaniards<br /> the better to carry on the said shipps trade in the West Indias, where the said<br /> shipps other company (being all dutch and consisting of 37 persons) were<br /> not soe free to goe ashore and traffique. To the nineth article hee saith and deposeth that having received the said wines<br /> oile and Spaniards aboard, the said shipp departed from Santa Cruse, and went<br /> to Comana, and there not finding conveniencie of trade, shee went with<br /> the same and the rest of her outwards cargo to Santa Domingo in the Iland<br /> of Hispaniola, where hee saith the said John Mollar, with the assistance<br /> of John Mexia da Herera (who went with him from Amsterdam to that<br /> end) bartered away the rest of the said shipps outwards lading for hides,<br /> Cacoa, Brazil wood, Tobacco and Ginger for account of the said van<br /> hulten and company, which hee knoweth because hee saw the delivering [?out GUTTER]<br /> and receipt aboard of the said respective goods. To the tenth hee saith that the said hides soe produced and received aboard at<br /> Santa Domingo consisted in all of betweene thirteene and fourteene thousand<br /> hides, (referring him selfe for more certaintie of the number and severall sorts<br /> to the bills of lading signed by him for the same) the said cacoa consisted<br /> one thousand, three hundred fourscore and foure [?charges], each [?charge] of<br /> seaventie five pounds weight, the said tobacco consisted in two thousand two<br /> hundred twenty and five Monacho's, weighing all together foure thousand,<br /> three hundred and sixtie pounds of tobacco, the said Brazil wood hee saith<br /> consisted in seaven hundred, seaventie two peeces, but the weight thereof or<br /> of the ginger hee saith hee remembreth not, but referreth himselfe therein<br /> to the bills of lading signed for the same, all which goods hee saith were<br /> the retourne and proceed of the said goods brought from Amstedam in the<br /> said shipp to Santa Domingo and there delivered out, And further hee cannot<br /> depose saving as aforesaid. To the eleaventh hee saith that the said hides being brought to the key<br /> at Santa Domingo close to the ships side, they were there marked by some of<br /> this deponents company by order of the said John Mollar with the marke in<br /> the Margent, being the primarie letters if the name of the said Philip '''PH''' [MARKE, LH MARHIN] Van hulten, and being soe marked they with the said Cacow, tobacco<br /> and ginger were there laded aboard the said shipp for the accompt aforesaid,<br /> according to the said bills, this deponent seeing sch marking, and the<br /> taking the said hoods aboard. To the twelveth article hee deposeth that after and upon such receipt of<br /> the said goods aboard, this deponent aboard the said shipp at Santa Domingo<br /> signed three bills of lading all of one tenor, for the said hides, three other for the cacoa, three other for the tobacco, and for the Brazil wood and ginger together three other, [XXX GUTTER]<br /> and saith the said hides, Cacoa, Tobacco Brazil wood and<br /> ginger were in the bills respectively mentioned, with their quantities and weight and thereinm they<br /> were said to be for account and risigo of the said van hulten and company,<br /> referring himselfe for more certaintie to the said bills. To the thirteenth article hee saith and deposeth that the said bills were<br /> all true and reall, and were all (being twelve in the whole) aboard the said<br /> shipp the ''Santa Maria'' when shee was seized ny Captaine St[?ory] Commander<br /> of the ''ffairfax frigot'', and with the other papers and dispatches of the said<br /> shipp came afterwards to the hands of Captaine Stoakes, in whose hands<br /> this deponent saw and left one of each of the said foure bills hee the said Captaine<br /> delivereing to the said Mollar the other two of each/ To the fourteenth article and the foure copies of bills of lading annexed<br /> now showed unto him, hee saith and deposeth (having now perused them) that<br /> theyng now perused them) that<br /> they  +
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