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HCA 13/73 f.151v Annotate
First transcribed 31 December 2013  +
First transcriber Colin Greenstreet  +
Folio 151  +
Parent volume HCA 13/73  +
Side Verso  +
Status Uploaded image; transcribed on 31/12/2013  +
Transcription To the Interrogatories in the second placeTo the Interrogatories in the second place, intituled<br /> '''ffurther Interrogatories et cetera'''. [CENTRE HEADING] To the first Interrogatorie hee saith hee is a subiect of the States<br /> of the United Netherlands and hath an eighth part in that said shipp the<br /> ''Santa Maria'' that hee is sure of, and hath understood lately that Christofer Wey[?eart GUTTER]<br /> and Jeronimo[?s] Ry[?udorp] of hamborow who when hee proceeded from Amsterdam<br /> undertooke to be part owners of the said shipp namely of five sixtie fourth parts<br /> of the said shipp, are now fallen off, and left the said parts upon him this<br /> deponent, and saith hee hath noe part or share in the goods claimed in<br /> this cause, but had goods and plate of his owne aboard at the time<br /> of the seizure as hee hath before declared, And further hee cannot depose<br /> saving as aforesaid. To the second hee saith hee came last from Tolon about six and twenty<br /> dayes since, and that Joachim Stol his boatswaine came along with him, and<br /> that before his comming thence, hee had licensed all the rest of his company<br /> (being soe turned out of the shipp) saving three to goe whither they would, and most of them<br /> went for holland before this deponents comming thence, and the rest to other places<br /> to get imployment, only those three (being his Purser, Gunner and a boy) hee<br /> left at Tholon to sea what became of the shipp; And saith hee saw many of her<br /> hides delivered to ffrenchmen that were sold by the said Stoakes and Aldworth<br /> at their order one of the said ffrenchmen named Mr Moton, And otherwise hee<br /> cannot answer saving as aforesaid. Johan V: [?Lignann] [SIGNATURE, RH SIDE] ************************************** The fifteenth of march 1658. The claime of hector Peterson and others}<br /> mentioned in the description of the allegation for the}<br /> shipp the ''Santa Maria'' whereof John}<br /> van lynen was master taken by the ''ffairfax''.} Examined upon an allegation given in on the<br /> behalfe of the said claimers the 26th of<br /> January last. '''1''' '''John van Lynen''' of Amsterdam Mariner aged 37<br /> yeares or thereabouts sworne and examined. To the first second third and 4th hee saith the said shipp the ''Santa maria'' is a dutch shipp and<br /> was built at Amsterdam about two yeeres since by John Cornelisson<br /> [?Moulepart] a dutch shipwright living in Amsterdam, and other dutch men working<br /> under him, to the end to sell the same as the use there is, and when shee<br /> was about halfe built, this deponent with the consent and directions of the<br /> arlate hector Petersson, Gilbert Cornelison Schonten, Nicholas Bleauhelm<br /> William Momma, Martin ffransen vander Schelder and company all<br /> Merchants of Amsterdam and hamborow, bought her and caused her to be<br /> finished by the said shipwright and his workmen, and saith that a broaker<br /> named My[?aert] van k{?em] being imployed (as the manner there is)<br /> about the said contract, did on behalfe of the said Monte[XXX] make sale thereof<br /> to the said hector Peterson and other aforementioned, who were<br /> most of them this deponents owners of a shipp that hee had shortly before (which<br /> being too small, was sold at Amsterdam) And saith the said hector Peterson<br /> Gilbert Cornelison Scouten, Nicholas Vleauhelm, William<br /> Momma, Martin ffransen vander Schilder and company (whereof this deponent<br /> is one) were and are subiects of the States of the United Netherlands and<br /> of the State of hamborow, and true and lawfull owners and proprietors<br /> of the said shipp and of her tackle apparell and furniture, and Inhabitants<br /> of Amsterdam and hamborow and for such commonly accompted, which shippd for such commonly accompted, which shipp  +
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